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Some parents tend to think that daycare services are a solution only for children who don’t have a stay at home parent. In fact, daycare has become an everyday service for many children and more stay-at-home parents are starting to consider it for their kids. Parents are learning more about the benefits of daycare for their toddler’s wellbeing, as well as the exposure the children get from having some structured time away from parents and being able to socialize more with other children.

Finding good child care can be quite difficult because you want the best care for your child. You need to find a daycare in Vaughan that provides a warm, friendly and nurturing environment for your child. A good daycare will have a flexible time table where you can drop off and pick up your child at different times depending on your schedule. They will also see to it that your child gets an opportunity to socialize with others in a healthy way, some good physical activity, healthy meals and daily reading and learning sessions. In this piece, we share with you some important information on what experts have to say about daycare for your child.

The appropriate age for your child to start daycare

Experts have witnessed benefits in children as young as two years old. At this age, your child starts to develop good social skills and the confidence to interact with others. Many parents say they see a noticeable difference in their children a few weeks after enrolling them in a daycare. From interacting with others in a daycare, your child opens up and grows not only socially but emotionally as well. Daycare is also really helpful for children who tend to be a bit shy and too quiet. By having your child be around other children and also the support of loving nurturing adults, your child starts to slowly let go and becomes more comfortable around others.

For children between the ages of 1 to 3 years, experts say that enrolling your child to a daycare is a great way to prepare him/her for kindergarten. Daycare will teach your child to be comfortable with being away from the parent when the time comes to go to school. The age of 3 is also an important transition point for your child. It provides the child with much needed play company for when you are away.

The advantages of a good daycare

While many moms say it’s preferable to stay with your child at home for a longer period of time, experts say it is beneficial to put your child in a daycare even before your child starts preschool. The benefits of daycare are for both the child and the parent as well.


Your young child can learn so many positive things from interacting with children his/her own age. As one parent who has a child in daycare puts it “my child has learnt so much from other children than from me, I can teach him the same thing a number of times but as soon as he sees another kid do it, he gets straight away.” Your child’s exposure to others will make him learn things so much faster, if you’re at a loss with potty training, try enrolling your child into a daycare, it might just work wonders.

Free time for the parent

Taking care of a child is not an easy task, and sometimes there can be some guilt associated with leaving your child. As a parent, it’s difficult to look after your child and still take care of all the household duties and chores. Experts have reported that parents who enroll their children in part time daycare services become better and happier moms. When you drop off your child, you can then decide to run your errands, clean the house and even maybe do some yard work around your home. At the end of the day, you’ll feel much rested by the time you pick up your child. Your child gets to play with others during the day and gets to see a happy mommy at the end of each day!

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