Special Services
  • Each room has its own age-appropriate program that provides rich, interesting and developmentally appropriate activities.
  • We encourage children to experiment and explore their environment with their five senses as well as other areas of development such as cognitive, social, manipulative, etc.

  • We offer flexibility, independence and hands-on experience as well as children’s input of ideas. We ask parents to bring their child(ren) before 9:00am so that teachers can start their program and do not leave your child missing out of interesting and educational parts of the program.

    Our playground is surrounded by a Ravine Lot, children play in a gorgeous surrounding.

  • About Our Program

    Circle Time

    Circle Time is a time for coming together and sharing ideas; a time to develop a sense of the whole group. During circle time, children spend time reading, singing and learning about the calendar as well as participating in various activities related to themes and/or topics of interest. Children learn to listen to others and how to feel comfortable about speaking in a group.

    Drama Centre

    Drama Centre is a play area where children are given an opportunity to use their imagination. This drama centre is converted into many different themes, such as a doctor’s office, grocery store, hair dressing salon, school bus, etc. This centre helps children develop their creative side, language, communication and social skills, decision making and negotiation skills among a group.

    Block/Building Centre

    Block/Building Centre helps develop gross and fine motor skills and allows children to experiment with space, size and shape concepts. This is an opportunity to create, design and form either individually or in a group setting.

    Floor Toys and Puzzles

    Floor Toys and Puzzles help develop decision making skills, social skills, language skills and independence. Puzzles enhance children’s logic skills in making proper decisions and accomplish goals. Rotation of toys is manditory so that children get a large variety and always have interesting toys that capture their attention.

    Books/Library/Quiet Area

    Books/Library/Quiet Area are available to all children at all times. An opportunity for children to enjoy a large variety of multicultural books and a quiet area to relax in a soft area surrounded by pillows and puppets. There is also an opportunity to listen to quiet music. Rotation of the books allows children to get a large variety of themes, topics and interest.

  • Music

    Music is a time for children to enjoy listening to a variety of different musical rhythms, and dancing or moving to the sound of music. A special music teacher comes in once a week to spend time teaching the children new songs as well as exploring a variety of musical instruments. This special activity promotes a child’s enhancement in music, encourages children to be exposed to and appreciate different types of music as well as make them aware of how music is played and created.

    Movement and Yoga

    Movement and Yoga program is provided once a week to all children in the centre. The children will explore the world of creative movement through Yoga and various different types of dance and pros such as ribbon and balls. Throughout this program, the children will further enhance their gross motor skills, rhythm, and imagination.


    Jolly-Phonics — A specialized reading teacher will visit the preschool and kindergarten classes each week to introduce the Jolly-Phonics program. As the children develop, the program is enhanced based on the skills they acquire. Depending on the age of the child, the 10 month program will work towards developing fine motor skills, letter recognition, and beginning reading readiness skills. This prepares your child for school.

    Arts & Crafts

    Arts & Crafts: We believe in both child-directed and teacher-directed activities. Children have the opportunity to use the arts and crafts shelf at all times during free play time. Children are encouraged to create their own art with a large variety of arts and crafts materials. A number of activities are supervised by a teacher because some activities are designed for a specific theme or topic. This gives teachers an opportunity to educate children about different themes programmed for that day or week.

    Science and Sensory

    Science and Sensory is an excellent area for children of all ages to experiment with their five senses and enjoy different activities that include water, sand and all kinds of other materials that have an abundance of texture, smell and appearance. Children get to experiment hands-on and enjoy playing individually or in a small group.

  • Special Services


    Each classroom is equipped with computers, except the infant rooms. The children will have an opportunity to participate with a variety of fun and educational computer programs that are age-appropriate. The children will have guidance from classroom teachers to enhance their computer skills, such as controlling the mouse. Our computers were provided and are maintained by COMPU-101.

  • Internet Viewing

    The centre is equipped with high-quality cameras for Internet Viewing for parents. Parents who wish to participate in Internet Viewing will need to have access to a computer and a high-speed connection to the Internet. These parents will be supplied with a username and password that allows them to view only their child’s classroom. You may access this view at any time of the day. There is an additional cost of $10/month for this service. The fees for the Internet Viewing System will be used towards monitoring the users of the system as well as maintenance and upkeep of the Internet server. This service was designed and is supported by iWitness Surveillance Systems. Click here to email us questions about the camera system             

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