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Tottenham Location

119 Queen St North , Tottenham , ON, L0G 1W0




Tottenham Location

Open in August 2024. Registration is open from May to August.

Hours : 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Program Ages:

• Infant (6 Months to 18 Months)
• Toddler (18 months to 2.5 years)
• Preschool (2.5 to 3.8 months)
• Kindergarten (3.8 Months to 6 Years)

Are you looking for a licensed daycare in Tottenham for your little one? Look no further – our Tottenham location has officially opened to provide quality childcare service near Tottenham, Ontario! 

Located within New Tecumseth in Simcoe County and boasts stunning natural surroundings, outdoor recreation such as hiking, picnicking and birdwatching, Beeton Creek fishing and canoeing; South Simcoe Railway operates an historic steam train that connects Tottenham to Beeton; as well as boasting an active sports community. 

When you are evaluating the alternatives for child care in Tottenham, your decision could affect their well-being, early development, and peace of mind while you’re apart from them. So let’s find a reliable childcare option like A.C.E Daycare to enhance the development and growth of children from Tottenham residents.

ACE Daycare, Tottenham’s newest hub for young minds to thrive and flourish. Nestled within our charming town, ACE Daycare is more than just a childcare – it’s a nurturing environment dedicated to fostering holistic child development. At ACE, we prioritize not only the safety and well-being of each child but also their intellectual growth and emotional resilience. The ACE philosophy revolves around the belief that every child is a unique individual with boundless potential waiting to be unlocked. That’s why we’ve crafted a curriculum that goes beyond traditional daycare routines. We’re committed to challenging young minds, encouraging curiosity, and empowering children to express their opinions and ideas freely. We understand that the early years are crucial for laying the foundation for future learning and success. That’s why our programs are designed to stimulate cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development in a balanced and supportive way.

Over our many years of dedicated service and multiple locations within the GTA, we have earned Ontario parents’ trust as they recognize our expertise and dedication to early child development. Thanks to decades of combined experience, our extensive expertise ensures children receive exactly what they require in order to thrive while meeting individual needs and exceeding parent expectations – our expert team has carefully chosen staff for our  Tottenham based on their previous experience to provide exceptional daycare service near  Tottenham.

Call us at 647-302-0901 to enroll today!

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Building Confidence

Positive learning

Friendly environment

Ace Daycare is fully equipped for ages Toddlers, Preschool and Kindergarten

Infant & Toddlers

3 Mo - 18 Mo - 2.5 Years


2.5 Years to 4 Years


4 Years to 6 Years

Enriched Literacy Program

Children will be ready to read and write before they enter the school system.

Security System

Each parent will be provided a FOB key, so that we can monitor who is coming in & out of the facility.

Internet Viewing

Parents can log in and watch their children via the Internet from home, work, or almost any other location
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