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    A Guide on How You Can Apply and Qualify for Child Care Subsidized Funding in Ontario | Subsidized Daycare in Thornhill with A.C.E. Daycare!

    Every child should have the opportunity to experience the magic of daycare – it’s where they can grow their motor and social skills, and engage with other children. With September enrolment dates quickly approaching, you’re looking for the best daycare opportunities for your child. 

    A.C.E. Daycare in Thornhill is dedicated to providing affordable childcare that builds lifetime memories for your little one(s). Our daycare is part of a subsidized funding initiative in Ontario that enables you to focus more on your child’s development, and less on the financial stresses that may arise with childcare. 

    We’re in this together, one step at a time.

    Ensuring that your child gets the best daycare services in the Greater Toronto Area is your priority. We’re dedicated to providing educational and fun activities for your child. In the last year, childcare rates have been drastically increased, making it more difficult for parents to enroll their children into a great daycare. 

    Our guide on how you can apply for a child care subsidy in the region of York is as easy as A-B-C.

  • What is a child care subsidy?

    Advanced Care & Education Daycare believes that we have an obligation for the welfare of our young children and that our quality of service to children and their parents is in our highest interest.

    Child care subsidy is the amount of money that the Ontario government grants to families to assist them with paying for child care. The subsidy is paid directly to the child care services and transferred to the families as a fee reduction. 

    Your subsidy fee is based on your most recent Tax Return that you have received from the Canadian Revenue Agency (the CRA).

    Who qualifies for subsidized daycare in Ontario?

    To apply for the subsidized daycare in Ontario, you must be currently employed, job searching, enrolled in school or an approved training program.

    The Child Care Fee Subsidy reduces the fees of child care services for families that have children under the age of 13. Additionally, if your child is enrolled in any of the following child care services, you may be eligible for subsidized child care in Ontario:

    • A licensed child care program,
    • A children’s recreational after-school program,
    • Day camp or overnight camp,
    • A before- and after-school program that is directly operated by the school board.
  • How much does a daycare subsidy cover?

    Ontario, and in particular the York Region in which ACE Daycare belongs, is dedicated to alleviating the financial burdens that are associated with professional daycares.

    While there are numerous ways in which you can take advantage of the Child Care Fee Subsidy, there are two priority areas that take precedence. They include:

    • Families who have children that are exposed to health risks,
    • Families who have lower-end income.

    For further details and to see if you qualify for the daycare subsidy fee, please click here to be directed to the York website. 

    What you need to know before applying for the daycare subsidized funding in the York Region

    Here are some important factors that you should consider before applying for subsidized funding:

    • Both parents must be currently working or enrolled in an educational institution
    • If you are pregnant, you can apply for subsidized daycare funding for your future child
    • In case you being let go from your job, you will be able to use three months worth of subsidized child care funding
    • If you are currently on maternity leave, your subsidy funding will end four weeks after you have given birth to your child.
    • If you have recently moved to Canada, you do not have to file your application enclosed with your Tax Return.
  • Do both parents need to be working or studying to be eligible for the child care subsidy?

    Yes, both parents should be able to provide proof that they are either enrolled in an educational institution or working full-time. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t qualify for full funding, you can apply for partial funding to assist you in your financial matters.

  • How do I calculate the amount of subsidy funding I will receive?

    The amount of subsidy funding will depend on your family’s adjusted net income.

    First, you must calculate your net income by directly taking the amount on line 236 off the Canadian Revenue Agency’s (CRA) personal income tax form and subtract the amount you are receiving from the Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) payments.

  • Some tips on increasing your chances of getting subsidized funding from the region of York!

    • Apply for the subsidy waiting list as soon as possible
    • It is possible that a spot with a subsidy will cost you more than a spot without. ACE Daycare offers the best rates so that your child gets the best experience while you are able to decrease your financial costs.
    • After you apply, you will be emailed confirming your application with a file number. If you did not receive a call or email, you have been placed on the waiting list.
    • When a spot has recently become available for your child to take, you should contact the City of Toronto immediately and confirm the availability.
  • Your first steps in creating a brighter future for your child begins with A.C.E. Daycare in Thornhill!

  • We follow government guidelines on sanitation protocols while getting your little superstar(s) ready for the adventures of Grade 1!

    It’s time to enjoy your child’s growing sense of wonder in kindergarten and reduce the financial burdens that may come with child daycare costs. We can help you get the best out of both worlds by currently being open for applications while being a part of the subsidized daycare funding across Ontario and the York region.

    Click here to find out more and sign your child up for success!

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