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Jewish Education

Our Thornhill Location implements Jewish programming for all students

Our Jewish programming includes celebrating Jewish holidays, traditions and Hebrew circle.

Introducing children to Judaism in an engaging and exciting program is a great way for them to explore their own identity and form a positive and long-lasting relationship with their religion. Our menu is Kosher-style and pork free.

Ace Daycare is fully equipped for ages Toddlers, Preschool and Kindergarten


18 Months to 2.5 Years


2.5 Years to 4 Years


4 Years to 6 Years

Enriched Literacy Program

Children will be ready to read and write before they enter the school system.

Security System

Each parent will be provided a FOB key, so that we can monitor who is coming in & out of the facility.

Internet Viewing

Parents can log in and watch their children via the Internet from home, work, or almost any other location


At ACE Daycare Thornhill, we are proud to offer a comprehensive Jewish education program. We celebrate Jewish holidays, and traditions, and engage in Hebrew circle activities, providing a meaningful introduction to Judaism for all students.

Our Jewish programming is designed to help children explore their identity and build a positive and lasting relationship with their religion. Through engaging activities, celebrations, and a Kosher-style, pork-free menu, we create an environment that fosters a connection to Jewish culture.

ACE Daycare Thornhill incorporates a variety of Jewish holidays and traditions into the curriculum. From Hanukkah and Passover to Shabbat celebrations, our program ensures that children experience and understand the richness of Jewish culture.

Our menu is Kosher-style and pork-free, aligning with Jewish dietary preferences. We prioritize providing nutritious and culturally appropriate meals for our students, ensuring a positive and inclusive dining experience.

Absolutely! We encourage parents to actively participate in our Jewish education activities. Whether it's joining celebrations, volunteering during special events, or contributing to discussions, parental involvement enriches the overall learning experience for the children.

Yes, our Enriched Literacy Program encompasses a diverse range of literature, including Jewish-themed books. We aim to provide a well-rounded literary experience that reflects the cultural diversity of our community.

The safety and security of our children are paramount. We provide each parent with a FOB key for controlled access, and we offer internet viewing capabilities, allowing parents to monitor their children's activities online from various locations.

While our focus is on introducing children to Jewish traditions and culture, we aim to create a respectful and inclusive environment. We may include age-appropriate moments of reflection and gratitude in our daily routine.

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