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Blocks are 3-dimensional learning materials that your kids can use while also encouraging all the five senses to do their work. They do not merely teach children how to play. They can also provide many ways to improve one’s math skills, enhance fine motor skills, and encourage social and emotional skills. They are very important materials that daycare in Vaughan make use of in order to engage children to learn at their own pace. Here are some block play activities that your child will enjoy.

Bowling blocks

Who says bowling can only be enjoyed by adults who can easily carry that ten-pin ball? Well, if you want your kids to try their luck in this game, they can make use of blocks to create their bowling pins. Towers are built using blocks of different sizes and colours. Different squeaky balls can be used to replace the usual heavy bowling ball. Start by hitting the target on a near distance then go farther as the game progresses.

Floor puzzles using blocks

One of the creative block play activities makes use of blocks as floor puzzles. You can distribute different puzzle blocks to kids. From there they can create their own image out of the blocks given to them. The more size and colour variations there are, the more imaginative kids will be when creating their own puzzles out of it. You can give them a specific area to work on in order to create images out of these blocks.

Counting and writing with blocks

You can give kids a sheet of paper where they can start writing the numbers 1 to 10. Instead of letting them draw things according to the number they have written, you can ask them to use blocks. The number of blocks they put on each line should correspond to the number they have written. Lego blocks are best used for this activity since they are smaller than the usual building blocks you know. You can also use these blocks to teach them how to solve simple mathematic operations like addition and subtraction.

Sorting blocks according to shape

If your child is just learning to familiarise himself with shapes then what better way to make him become more familiar with these images by allowing him to sort shapes using different blocks. The good thing about blocks is they are available in different shapes with varying colours and sizes. As the day progresses, you can ask him to sort the shapes according to colours and sizes too.

Building letters from blocks

One of the creative ways to make use of blocks through play is to allow your child to create letters of the alphabet out of the different shapes and sizes available to them. Once your child becomes familiar with the letters, you can start teaching him to create simple words out of the different letters he have formed. You can show him a picture then he can name that picture using the blocks.

Blocks on sticky easels

Kids tend to be frustrated when they start creating shapes and objects out of blocks only to find out later that these will just fall down on the floor even before they finish the image. To prevent this from happening, it will be good to get a sticky easel where they can form the image you want them to form or an object that they have in mind. Allow them to maximise their imagination and create more scenes with the space available.

These are but some of the creative block play activities that you can make use of when it comes to teaching your kids about the basic things. There are a whole lot more they will enjoy when they enrol in a daycare in Vaughan.

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