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Math is everywhere and it plays a big role in your little one’s development throughout their younger years. As one of the best daycares in Vaughan, we want to help your child make sense of the vast world around them by helping them explore patterns and shapes, assist them in comparing sizes and count objects!

We love how every child’s learning experiences are unique, and that is why we integrate a variety of methods to problem-solve and talk about their findings. Math is never just about adding and subtracting numbers – it’s found in pretend play, block play, literacy play, in nature and in science. Give your child all the math learning possibilities by enrolling them in our daycare in Maple today!

What are some math play materials that your child will engage with?

As a parent, you want to rest assured that your child can grasp math concepts as they grow older, allowing them to develop vital skills as they grow older. We can help your little one develop confidence in their ability to think things through, help them discover other friendships with other children and solve meaningful problems through tools like:

Math helps your child learn about shapes and space

Toddlers learn best about sizes, shapes and how everything can fit together by playing. The trick to helping your child love learning is to decoy it into fun playing activities, that most of the time, involve block play. Building structures can help children figure out how things can fit together and help them develop better spatial awareness.

Through learning about what it takes to fill a space in a practical way (like putting two blocks on a toy truck to fill the trunk), they are able to understand real-life math skills. Math is everywhere and we never stop learning even as adults! We will engage your child in engaging and creative-based content while helping them explore different educational domains such as social-emotional development, cultural awareness and creative expression while developing their math skills.

Children start learning numeracy skills from the time they’re born

Your little one is exposed to numeracy in action from the day they are born, even if it doesn’t actually register. They hear you counting their fingers and toes, they see you count the number of apple slices you put in their lunch, and even begin to take in numbers and shapes around them (clocks, books, laptops). Math skills don’t have to be strictly numerical, they also widely include

We love parental involvement!

You are a vital component of our program, and that is why we encourage you to speak to our staff and office personnel to enhance open and honest communication. As a parent, you may be having some queries about your child enrolling in their first educational institutions, and that is we love to chat with you via email, calling us or chatting with us one-on-one. 

Early math skills are vital in your child’s development and can help them progress their numeracy skills as they age. Our Block/Building Centre helps develop gross and fine motor skills and allows children to experiment with space, size and shape concepts. This is an opportunity to create, design and form either individually or in a group setting.

We would love to meet you and your little one, so visit us anytime!

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