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The years between birth and when the child turns 8 years old are the most critical years in a child’s life. This period is important because how that child develops mentally, socially and emotionally will determine the future success of that child. A lot of research has been done in the past years to show the positive effects of early childhood education on children’s lives.

But despite our knowledge on the importance of early learning, and the negative impact of neglecting it, high quality early childhood education is not mandatory in many learning institutions. It is therefore your duty as a parent to learn and understand more about it. Early learning is important for your child in so many ways, and this is why you should never neglect it. Enroll your child in a daycare in Thornhill with years of experience in early childhood education and a qualified staff that is whole heartedly dedicated to providing the best care for your child.

Why early childhood education is important

Children are so energetic and active during the early years. There is a lot of activity in the first five years of life, more so than any other future years. As a parent, you need to take advantage on that and immerse your child in an environment that is going to allow him/her to develop fully mentally, emotionally and socially. Early learning allows your child to get the support and learning opportunities that he/she needs to have a bright future.

Faster mental growth

Research has shown that much of what your child needs to be successful is determined in the early years before the age of 8. During this time, the child’s brain develops rapidly and this is the period when the child starts to acquire cognitive skills. This prepares the child for reading, learning science, math and other academics. This period also imparts on the child’s gross motor skills, social and emotional skills, character skills, and executive functioning. The opportunities to grow are so many at this age, from learning impulse control to problem solving skills and so much more.

Academic achievement for your child

High academic performance is also a major benefit of early childhood education. Children who get early childhood education display higher levels of academic performance and show higher social adjustment than children who don’t go to school for early childhood learning. If given early childhood education, your child identifies with the learning issues at a much younger age and makes him/her much sharper as he/she grows up. Without early learning, the child is likely to repeat some previous classes or a grade in order to catch up with what he/she may have missed during the early learning years.

Other benefits of providing early learning for a child go beyond academics. A lack of early childhood education can have disadvantages for a country both economically and socially. Research shows that children, who lack early childhood knowledge, either repeat a grade or end up not finishing high school. This situation consequently leads to higher costs of prisons and the justice system and a weak workforce for the country. Other repercussions include higher costs of health, since many health problems can be traced back from when the person was a child.

Internationally, countries that give priority to their children’s early education tend to be more economically and socially stronger than countries that do not properly educate their children. Your child will benefit so much from early childhood education. A research was conducted which tracked the lives of over 100 children from low-income families. The study showed that these children had even more chances of success and more to gain from early learning.

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