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Routines keep every home well-organized and less chaotic. More often than not, parents will usually take charge of such routines but at times, they fail to get their children involved because of the thinking that everything else will become a mess with the kid involvement. This is far from the truth. As a parent, it is your role to include routines in your child’s holistic formation. How do routines help raise happy and healthy kids?

It helps them become more involved

Setting routines for your children will make them more involved in the task they are tackling. They love it when routines are consistent, predictable, and regular. It is true that this can be a challenge on your part especially that you may feel it is hard to meet your children’s expectations with your set routines. Your child may also find a routine boring and rigid if it is too structured. So while you involve your child, make sure that you explain to them the logic behind a routine so that they understand the reasons for the routine.

Preparing them for daycare and school

Setting routines within your household can be started by reviewing what you really want to accomplish out of it. For instance, you can make sure that weekday mornings are not as stressful as you want. You can do so by instructing your children to prepare the things they need the night before.
Another stressful possibility comes when waking them up. The routine, along this line, must be more positive and cheerful rather than annoying and frustrating. Make it a point too that your child eats his or her breakfast, regardless whether he or she is hungry or not.

Before sending your child to regular school, or to Thornhill daycare, make sure that you bid him or her goodbye. Hugging him or her before entering school will be a good routine too. You can also wave your hand up until your child is out of sight to make sure he or she is happy when going to the classroom. Make sure that everything else is positive so that he can enjoy the day’s activities.

It keeps them rooted in a familiar environment

It is just so sad that there are some households where kids come back to an empty home after school or daycare. This can be because both parents are out for work. Kids with this type of home environment are more prone to misbehave. If you or your partner have work priorities, then it is best to have a trusted adult at home right before your kids arrive from school so that it becomes a routine for them to come home to a familiar environment.

It encourages openness

Dinners should be taken as a time whereby all family members are at the dining table. Make it a point that there are no distractions inside the room. Turn off the radio or television if it is found within that area. Take dinner as the appropriate time to share about what happened during the day. Discourage negative criticism and negative comments.

It gives them ample time to rest

Make it a point that your child follows a strict bedtime schedule during school nights. Turn the lights out at least five to 10 minutes before they go to sleep. It will be good to do the usual night time rituals like talking to your child, reading aloud, storytelling, and singing songs. Avoid exciting play before sending him or her to bed.

It makes them value togetherness

Most families only have weekends to spend time together. It can be a great time for rest and recreation. Visit a mini zoo or a museum nearby. Travel whenever the schedule permits you to do so. Go for an exploration trip or bike riding session within the neighbourhood. Grocery shopping is also a great activity for the entire family.

Raising a happy and healthy kid is made possible by setting routines within the household. With an established schedule, your child becomes more eagerly involved in all activities that you want to accomplish for the entire week.

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