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In some countries around the world, a daycare centre is a place where kids are introduced to other kids so that they can mingle with each other and eventually learn the basics of counting numbers and reciting the alphabet. There are countries, however, that include special services or activities for their daycare centres. Want to know more about what these services are? Read on to find out!

Music and arts

One of the things that your children should learn at an early stage of life is the appreciation of music and the arts. Daycare centres offer special services, sometimes given a program name to make them sound better, that can help enhance your child’s skill in both these matters. Music can go anywhere from singing and dancing whilst arts can include the likes of painting and drawing.

Theatre-related services

Theatre-related services teach kids the way to express their emotions in a clearer way. Through certain facial expressions, you may have already had a clue of your child’s emotions. This can be enhanced further if you enrol them in daycare centres in your locality or neighbourhood.

Motor skill activities

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Motor skills have to be developed whilst your children are still young. Daycare centres have their way of helping your child develop such skills. Some include building block corners that can improve your child’s grip on an object whilst also allowing him to fit a figure into its proper place. This can be done by kids either individually or with a group of other children.

Completing a puzzle

Many parents have already introduced their kids to the concept of putting pictures together or forming a photograph using puzzle pieces. This skill can even be enhanced further if you try to enrol your kids in daycare centres. Kids can enjoy all the sizes and shapes or even pictures formed after they have completed the activity. As they progress, they will be given more complex pictures to put together. This can develop their imagination clearly.

Exercise activities

Kids will definitely be bored of sitting inside the classroom doing the usual colouring activities and stuff that make them work on their desks only. This is why some daycare centres set the bar at making sure that kids appreciate their environment even more by allowing them to play outdoors and do some exercise activities. Some centres will also allow kids to stay in the classrooms and practise steps that they can present in a programme in the near future.

Activities for the five senses

If you were to be asked where the five senses are to be incorporated, you will certainly know it is part of ‘science’. In your child’s early years however, they will appreciate these senses even more with activities that daycare centres incorporate in their curriculum. They can practice their sense of sight through the shapes, colours and people they see around them. They can recognize sounds and familiarize themselves with the sense of hearing by listening to their classmates or teachers. Furthermore, they become more familiar with the smell in their surroundings, no matter how new the environment is for them. They can likewise feel textures of objects through sand play.

As you have learned above, daycare centres do not limit your child’s learning to ABCs and 1-2-3s. They go way beyond that since there are services and activities that can help your child with his growth and development before he goes to formal school. If you are looking for services pertaining to daycare in Vaughan, our centre can offer a host of programmes and activities fit for your child. To know more about other activities that await your child, feel free to contact us.

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