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Your child’s natural skills and abilities are unique and should be nurtured in a warm, welcoming environment. Toddlers are endlessly curious and are always asking questions about the new world around them. As a parent, it’s important to find a daycare where your child can socially interact with other children of their age and encourage them to engage in creative activities. This can not only elevate their personality but also teach them the responsible ways in which people go about their everyday activities. 

We’re a Hebrew daycare that will help tap into your child’s passions and natural abilities, developing them to become lifelong responsible, capable adults. We are a subsidized Jewish daycare that offers affordable child supervision services for every parent. Contact us today to enroll your child in our rich and intellectually stimulating program. 

Our team will actively encourage children in our program to learn with all five of their senses, experiment with their curiosities, and explore the environment. Our constant goal is to continuously support children in their daily tasks and to encourage growth and development every day while encouraging a feeling of self-esteem, feelings of belonging, open communication, independence and enjoyment.

How Do We Encourage Your Child’s Passions?

One thing our daycare team stresses above all else for adults is to not discourage your child’s dreams and passions. No matter how unrealistic the dream may seem, there is no limit and it’s best to let them dream and follow their heart. 

It’s in your child’s best interest that we not limit what they can do and be comfortable with. Try different activities with them and give them a chance to discover what interests them the most, without any direct involvement. We want to open your child’s mind to different possibilities and stimulate their curiosity in a variety of subjects. Although they may like one activity for a while, it’s okay to let that activity go if they don’t wish to do it anymore. Try things out and get the experience first before making any final decision. As their interests and natural abilities gradually develop, you can then provide your child with age-appropriate resources to get them to the next level. 

It’s also crucial to let your child take the lead in their interest in order to further develop their passions. Be a coach or guide for them and let them continue to experiment with new hobbies and activities. Whatever results that come from their activities, actively provide encouragement and praise to help keep them enthusiastic and build their confidence. We believe that every child is a unique individual that has their own set of raw talents and passions to be developed. They will provide meaningful gifts to the community once they have immersed themselves in our daycare atmosphere.

How Can Our Daycare Help Your Little One Find Their Natural Skills And Talents?

We’ll provide a creatively stimulating environment for your young ones and give them interesting pictures and toys to interact with. We also offer open-ended activities such as sandboxes and blocks to let your child play and interact to their heart’s content. Combining these activities and surroundings with the closeness of peers, and your child will no doubt mature and develop their own personal talents in no time. 

Most importantly, our daycare has plenty of children’s books for them to start developing their reading comprehension. Books contain a variety of interesting subjects for your child to learn about, fueling their curiosity and improving their early reading skills. Since curiosity is so important for a child’s mind, let them choose the books they want to read and continue to stimulate their interests by visiting a local library or going to the bookstore. 

Another way in which we help your child hone their natural skills is by continuing to ask them open-ended questions. Not the standard “Yes” or “No” questions, but the questions that take advantage of who, what, when, where, and why. These kinds of questions help encourage your child to develop their own thoughts and ideas to further their natural skills, talents, and interests. 

Why Is Social Development Crucial In The Younger Years?

All these things that we have gone over are crucial steps in your child’s social development in their early years. Nurturing their curiosities at a young age will be intellectually stimulating for your child, leading to valuable experiences and life lessons they can learn. Moreover, if you expose them to a variety of different activities and allow them to experiment, you’ll let them fail and succeed as many times as possible to find what they’re passionate about. 

Be an encouraging parent and allow our team to help nurture your child’s curiosities, talents, and passions. Contact ACE Daycare to take advantage of our education childcare programs, specialized activities, and creative environment.  

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