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Day care center are favorites with many parents, mostly because of the convenience they provide in helping working parents cope with their work lives. There are many various reasons why most parents opt for day care centers as opposed to hiring nannies for their children. Here’s a look at these reasons:

They have formal structures and there are rules in place

Day care centers have formal structures in place and they are more likely to have a better learning environment than staying home with a nanny. A day care centers are duly licensed and have qualified care givers. There is always more than one teacher in a class and they are mostly supervised so that the kids have adequate supervision. A day care always has set rules in place. 

The staff and parents always know exactly what is supposed to be done at what time. This is especially concerning pick- ups and drop offs, where a parent knows the exact time to drop and pick their child. A day care center is also a good opportunity to meet and talk to other parents and compare notes. A day care also ensures that your child is ready for school when the time comes as they are already used to routine.

You are assured of consistence

A nanny is not always the most reliable option, whether she is a live in or not. Sometimes a nanny may call in sick and you are stuck with figuring how to get to work and have the child taken care of. At a Thornhill day care center for example, you are assured of consistency and stability. You would never wake up one day and find out that they have closed down for whatever reason. They have enough staff, so the absence of one does not put a dent in their service delivery.

Day cares have a mix of activities


Day cares have an amazing array of activities that stimulate the minds of the children. Young children need activities that stimulate their growing brains. In a day care center, they learn different activities, unlike at home where they may end up doing the same activities all week through. They learn new songs, sing, dance and story tell.

The child learns how to socialize

Unlike when a child stays at home with the nanny or minder, a day care is a good way for your child to learn how to socialize and interact with other children. A child may run the risk of turning anti-social by staying indoors too much, only interacting with the immediate family and the minder. They learn how to share, how to make and keep friends, playing with others and learning how to solve problems. 

The staff is qualified

A good day care center will always employ highly qualified and trained staff. Most informal child minders are rarely trained in taking care of children or dealing with emergencies. In a daycare, you are assured of quality care, and you have the confidence that if anything ever happened, your child will be adequately cared for, and the proper help sought immediately.

Your child has fewer chances of emotional problems

Children who attend day care are less likely to have emotional problems such as separation anxiety or social withdrawal symptoms, especially if the child comes from a highly dysfunctional family. The interaction they have with the other children and the staff is better than if they were cooped up all day in the house with a nanny. 

It is important to note that day care centers are the best option for your child in regards to learning and proper growth. The child interacts on a daily basis with qualified teachers who teach them simple everyday things that we take for granted like table manners and sharing with others.

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