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Winter is dreaded by many but this does not have to be the case. There is no need to let winter blues take over your daycare schedule. The winter snow should never let you stop enjoying the fresh air. There are numerous physical activities you can arrange for your daycare school children and make them learn some new skills while enjoying the magic of winters. It does not matter whether you are looking for something relative to your daily lesson plans or just want to take kids outside and get them active; winter season can bring loads of fun in the lives of preschoolers.

Being snowy outside does not mean that you cannot go outside and you have to stay indoors. Here is a list of all the winter outdoor activities for preschoolers that will really make them enjoy the season to the fullest. Read below and start planning your schedule. It is high time that you take maximum benefit of what the season offers you this year.

Before you take children outdoors, the only thing you need to ensure is that all the children are fully covered in appropriate winter scarves, footwear, mittens, hats and coats.

Complete your winters by building snowman

This is the most common and classic winter activity that almost everyone enjoy. Kids of all age love to make snowman in winters and you will surely make their day if you plan this activity for them. You can help the preschoolers in rolling their snowballs and let them decorate their snowman with different accessories. Let them put their thinking cap and see what sort of different and unique look they can give to their snowman. This activity will encourage the students to work in small groups and inculcate in them the importance of teamwork.

Creating snow art

This activity is very easy and children would simply love them. All you need to do is to get a few spray bottles filled with water. Add food dye in it and make it a colored solution. Give each bottle to a child and let his imagination run wild. The children can practice writing names, drawing pictures or can just make abstract images and enjoy seeing the transformation of snow from white to bright colors.

Look for animal tracks

This is more of a learning-while-playing game and preschoolers would love it for sure. You can take the kids out on a hunt and let them identify different animal tracks in the snow. With the help of the track, you can ask them to identify the animals that left them there. As you spend time, you would be able to see numerous tracks in the snow and children would love to guess them. You can give them clues if they find the game slightly difficult. No doubt every child has a Sherlock Holmes In him!

It’s time to do some experiments

You can teach children some basic science principles with simple yet interesting activities as well. You can try freezing different levels of water in containers. Then ask children which container freezes the fastest and which took the longest time. Make children ponder over the reason. Later bring the containers inside and check which container tales the longest time to thaw out.

Snow castles are fun

You need the same toys as you would in the sandbox in the snow. Ask your children to make snow castle and see which kid manages to make the biggest one. You can make teams or small groups and run a competition among them. You will surely be surprised to see how creative preschoolers are.

The above mentioned games are pretty simple but will surely make your children enjoy the winters. The best daycare in Vaughan is the one that looks for different opportunities for children where they can learn new skills and techniques in a creative manner. Therefore when you are hunting for a daycare for your kid, make sure you look for the one that adopts an out of the box approach for teaching.

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