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Thornhill’s unique and vibrant community thrives within ACE Daycare, an early years center providing care to toddlers aged 18 months to 2.5 years.

At ACE Daycare, we understand that early years development is paramount; with that in mind, our Toddler Program is carefully designed to introduce little learners to social interactions while at the same time providing comforting routines and schedules which promote personal and academic development.

Recognizing the stress of new transitions, especially when considering a toddler daycare in Thornhill , ACE Daycare strives to make their experience as smooth as possible for children and families alike.

At our daycare, we believe a successful transition relies on transparency and open communication between families and educators – building bonds of trust to make each child’s transition as enjoyable as possible.

ACE Daycare participants in Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC)

$10 Per Day Daycare Program! We have three locations –  


These locations are designed to accommodate the varied needs of families while emphasizing early childhood education in a loving, safe and welcoming environment for your child’s transition into daycare.

By offering tailored resources and tools specifically for toddlers’ unique developmental needs, we aim to foster their healthy development while simultaneously making them feel safe, loved, and valued by fostering nurturing relationships that give children a sense of security, love and belonging in our warm and welcoming environment.

In our welcoming space, children find not just caregivers but nurturing relationships as they feel safe from harm – feeling loved by us is at the core of what our program stands for; our approach goes beyond basic requirements by engaging activities designed to kindle curiosity, promote early language acquisition while developing fine motor abilities through exciting and engaging activities.

Is it good for toddlers to go to daycare?

Toddlers can benefit from daycare based on various considerations, including their individual needs, the quality of the center, and family requirements.

Socialization among peers provides children with ample opportunity to develop essential social skills while creating an early learning and development environment promoting physical, cognitive and emotional growth – factors important to families working.

When choosing Ace Daycare, we ensure your toddler receives care, education and socialization during this critical phase in their development.

Is 2 years old too early for daycare?

Yes! It is acceptable to enroll a  2-year-old at daycare, especially considering that our toddler program caters to every toddler’s individual needs. It offers social interaction as they gradually establish routines interacting with peers while developing their communication skills and fostering relationships that help toddlers feel at home in new environments.

How do I get my 2-year-old used to daycare?

Ace Daycare can make transitioning your two-year-old to daycare an integral step of their development, assisting from day one. Our highly specialized staff helps toddlers transition smoothly into our daycare environment and routines; their kind approach fosters an atmosphere where children can bond with peers while adapting to new surroundings quickly.

Parents receive necessary support through open discussions and collaboration efforts to smooth this transition process. They can stay updated about their child’s daily activities through an easy mobile app providing peace of mind while enriching child development and family life!

What is the youngest age for infant daycare?

According to experts, 18 months is generally accepted as the youngest age for infants to enroll at daycare; Ace Daycare offers programs tailored explicitly for infants aged 18-2.5 years old.

Transitioning from a home environment to daycare can be challenging for toddlers and their families; our focus lies on transparency, communication between our staff and families, and trust-building activities for an effortless experience for everyone involved.

Each space has been meticulously planned at ACE Daycare to promote learning and exploration. From interactive play areas to quiet reading nooks, our facility promotes imagination and creativity while respecting individual differences among children enrolled here. Our teachers specialize in recognizing individual strengths and interests before developing these areas further.

We take great pleasure in building solid foundations for each toddler who enters our doors. By providing nurturing care with educational excellence, we help each one embark on their path toward becoming confident, inquisitive adults – welcome to ACE Daycare – where early learning adventures await!

Enroll your 2-year-old today for an amazing educational journey! They’re bound to love every minute!

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