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Toddler Daycare Thornhill | A Hub for Cognitive, Emotional, and Social Development

toddler daycare thornhill

We at A.C.E Toddler Daycare Thornhill place a high priority on providing toddlers with a stimulating and safe learning environment. We encourage holistic development of every child through play-based learning, sensory exploration and cultural celebrations. Our staff is trained to provide individualized attention, tailoring the activities for each child’s interests and needs. Play is a […]

How Do Children Learn Social Skills In A Daycare Center?

Children Learn Social Skills

People assume that a child needs to spend a lot of time with peers in the same age group in order to learn good social skills. But it’s more a combination of engaging in social-skill building activities with same-age peers and well nurturing adults. In a daycare centre, group activities such as play-dates and pre […]

What It Takes To Prepare Your Child For Daycare

ACE Daycare Toronto

You have finally found a good day care for your child. This excites you because you are now sure that your child will learn something new and exciting each day. Unfortunately for you, the first day at daycare does not seem to go so well. Your child does not seem to like his or her […]

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