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There are million reasons why kids fight with each other. The care providers often find it difficult to know when is the right time to intervene. Kids usually fight for silly reasons that are illogical and often humorous to adults. However, these quarrels and fights can become a friendship breaker or maker in the minds of kids. Disagreements are part of child development, but there are a few things care providers can do to minimize the fights or keep the children from fighting at all.

Don’t make it a big affair

Most of the kids’ fights are quite silly (as you can imagine!) and the intervention of elders does not let them sort the matter themselves. Some children fight to seek attention. Therefore, it is better that adults just do not let the fight take center stage in a daycare facility and ignore it for the time being. Of course, you have to break up the fight first but do not make it a huge affair. The matter will diffuse soon and you will see kids playing with each other.

Give importance to equality

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The adults usually get trapped when they begin to investigate who initiated the fight and who said what that made the situation worse. Giving different punishments or taking sides can have a negative impact as it usually sets the stage for labeling bullies and victims. Try to have same punishments with no exceptions.

Teach kids to look for solutions

Children of all age do understand the basic issues of not fighting and fairness. The care providers must talk to the kids regarding how they can solve their problems rather fighting over them. Some simple ground rules can be set on what is allowed and what is not to resolve an issue. For instance, yelling, hitting, crying should not be allowed at all. You can ask the kids to come up with ideas how to sort out a problem and then let them try. Once you let them take the charge, you will be surprised to see their problem solving skills.

Praise good behavior

Praising a child can do wonders as it really helps in building positive child behavior. The best thing to do so is to tell the children when they are fighting that they are doing something wrong, and praises when they are seen doing something right. Children will surely get the hint.

Be a role model for kids

You simply cannot expect kids not to fight when they see their elders doing the same. Parents and care providers must serve as a role model for them. Children would observe you and will see how you cooperate and get along with each other. Remember, you need to set example for expected behavior for all situations.

Keep your nerves calm

Children keenly watch their elders how they behave when they are frustrated; encounter a problem or when they disagree with something. Keeping your nerves calm under pressure and setting the ultimate example of self-control will help kids in developing a positive attitude. If the kids at daycare center are old enough to understand, you may talk to them about how bad they felt under a specific situation and what would have been the best way to cater it.

Try to minimize occasions for fighting

Observe all reasons why kids fight and see what you can do to avoid those situations. Know when the kids are at their worst. It could be when they are hungry or when they are ill. You may minimize the potential fight zones and introduce a healthy and positive environment to kids. Make children feel special and loved regardless of how they act. Tell them that you feel the happiest when they are at their best. At times, it is just a kiss or a hug that a child needs.

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