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It wasn’t so long ago that having a child meant a mother would likely have to give her job up and not seek further employment for a number of years in order to stay at home and care for the child. In fact, this was largely the case just one or two generations ago, with statistics released by Statistics Canada showing that in 1976, only 31.4 percent of women with a child aged 5 years or younger, had a job. However, by 2012 this figure had more than doubled to stand at 67.2 percent. If you are returning to the workplace after several months on maternity leave, you need to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that your child is properly cared for while you are “on shift.” The main options available to you are hiring a babysitter or enrolling your child in a recognized daycare program. Are you having a hard time making your mind up with regards to which option to choose? During this article we are going to compare these options, taking a look at the various advantages of each.

Professional Childcare or a Babysitter?

Before we start, we have to point out the fact that whichever option you select, it’s critical that you interview the person, or various members of staff, who will be tasked with looking after the welfare of your child and nurturing their development. Making sure that a childcare provider is a good “fit” is essential whether they are a babysitter or a member of staff working for a reputable daycare centre.

Pros of Professional Childcare

Pros of Hiring a Babysitter

The decision is ultimately yours, but if you do want to talk to a childcare professional about the benefits of an organized program, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We serve Thornhill, Maple, Mississauga and Vaughan and can be contacted on either 905-764-9555 (our Thornhill centre) or 905-270-4555 (our Mississauga centre).

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