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It’s exciting for your little one to experience the wonderful world of being introduced to new foods at school – It helps them experience new tastes and textures, learn what foods they like, and helps you incorporate a wider variety of nutritional foods into their diet! 

Now at daycare, you may feel a bit cautious in what foods they consume if your child has an allergy, but with the right preparation and communication, snack time will go by like a breeze! At our Jewish daycare, our staff knows exactly how to ensure food safety in your child’s classroom, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know about managing your child’s allergies throughout the best daycare experience. Let’s get started!

Our subsidized daycare in Vaughan is committed to provide the best service and all that is necessary to the children, their parents and the community. Our constant goal is to continuously support children in their daily tasks and to encourage growth and development every day while encouraging a feeling of self-esteem, feelings of belonging, open communication, independence and enjoyment.

Tell your child’s teacher and the front staff regarding all known allergies

Communication and detail is key! When you are provided with an information sheet on filling out allergies, being precise on what foods they can’t eat, how each of their reactions may look, and whether they have an epi-pen to relieve the allergy is vital! Doing so helps the staff know exactly what foods to avoid in class and what to do in the case of an allergic reaction. 

At ACE daycare, we provide a menu that is:

Additionally, we work directly with the on-site cook and parents to discuss allergy-specific foods, further enhancing the safety measures on what foods we provide.

By simply being thorough in communicating your child’s nutritional needs, you are already taking a big step in managing your child’s allergies at daycare. Great work!

Teach your child safe eating habits

Even though your little one is young, don’t underestimate them! It might surprise you how quickly they can pick up on basic food safety and allergy-specific prevention tips.

Actively showing them proper hand-washing techniques, telling them to not eat other children’s foods, and encouraging them to be vocal about what they can’t eat will create an even stronger form of enhanced communication. 

At our Jewish daycare, our highly qualified team is experienced in understanding what measures needed to take to teach food safety to your kids, compiling an effective strategy for reducing the chance of an allergic reaction even more substantially.

Communicate these tips with your child – they’re a smart one!

Bring special, allergy-free snacks in case of a special occasion!

In the case of a special occasion, whether it may be a birthday or holiday, it’s important to keep allergy-free snacks for your child, so they don’t miss out on the fun! 

If allowed, this can easily be done by giving your child’s teacher an allergy-free treat basket to offer for the class or just your little one, guaranteeing that they get a tasty snack no matter what! 

Create and share an up-to-date allergy list

New allergies may form at times, so regularly keeping a tab on what your child can or cannot have will help you, your child, and the school be aware of what foods are safe to eat! 

In doing so, your daycare can then update this information to your child’s teacher, update their database on current allergies and continue to prepare meals for them in accordance with their needs.

At ACE daycare, we work diligently to make sure we are noted on all allergy-specific requirements. In working directly with staff and parents, you can be rest assured that all the food we serve to your child is safe and tasty!

Got any questions? We are happy to answer them!

Having your child try out new foods is an exciting and memorable moment to capture, especially for new parents – and we agree. 

We want to give your child the best daycare experience one can have, regardless of what allergies they may have. With our trusted, supportive and trained staff guiding you through every step of the way in ensuring that your child is safe and having fun, you have nothing to worry about. Registration will be open in September, we would love to meet you 🙂

Now, it’s time for your little one to experience the wonderful world of new foods – get ready!

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