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Are you searching for a licensed daycare Tottenham, Ontario, that provides your child with a home-like environment of safety, love, and fun? Look no further! A.C.E Daycare, one of Ontario’s premier daycare chains, has expanded to Tottenham, offering families years of expertise across Ontario.

At A.C.E, a licensed daycare in Tottenham, we understand the significance of early childhood development and strive to offer only top-quality care to your little ones. From infants, toddlers, preschoolers, or kindergarteners – whether parents are searching for nurturing environments – A.C.E’s experienced staff are there every step of the way, supporting each step along their journey as they grow and develop.

Infant Room: Early Brain Development in a Safe Haven

Our infant room provides a safe, bright environment where your little one can flourish. Our caring staff ensures that every experience supports early brain development; feeding and rest periods can be personalized according to the family’s specific needs, and infants are given opportunities for exploration within an age-appropriate framework, documented daily both written and photonically and shared with parents for review and sharing purposes.

Toddler Program: Encouraging Curiosity and Self-Expression

Toddlers are naturally adventurous explorers, so our program strives to offer them a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate environment to grow. Our staff closely tracks each child’s development to tailor personalized plans that foster skill acquisition and curiosity; additionally, we promote self-expression while offering age-appropriate outdoor equipment and activities designed to aid physical growth.

Preschool Program: Preparing for Kindergarten

Our preschool program caters to children’s developmental needs by equipping them with the skills to transition into kindergarten. In an open environment that encourages investigation and exploration under staff guidance, children learn self-help skills such as self-regulation and routine following while engaging in fun learning experiences that teach colours, shapes, numbers and letter recognition activities.

A.C.E Daycare – A Trusted Name for All Ages

At A.C.E daycare, we specialize in caring for children of all ages, from infants to kindergarteners. With years of experience and our commitment to nurturing future generations evident from Ontario parents’ reviews of us, A.C.E daycare prides itself in taking seriously its responsibility of encouraging future generations while giving back to the community by creating safe, clean, loving environments in which kids thrive and flourish.

Program Ages:

If you have been looking for a safe and caring daycare for your little one near Tottenham, contact A.C.E Daycare now and enroll today. Our supportive and friendly staff specializes in transitioning children smoothly into our daycare setting for optimal experiences for parents and their little ones! Join the A.C.E Daycare family now, giving your children the best start possible! Call us today at 647-302-0901.

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