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Families living in Tottenham, Ontario, face the difficulty of finding licensed daycare in Tottenham, as the availability of daycare centres is limited compared to other cities. We are glad to offer our exceptional daycare services at our newest licensed daycare facility in Tottenham to ensure Tottenham parents can manage their careers while ensuring their child’s safety, development, and overall well-being

A.C.E Daycare in Tottenham offers parents peace of mind, knowing their child is being nurtured in an environment designed to facilitate growth and learning in an ideal learning environment. With their accreditation by regulatory bodies, parents have peace of mind knowing their children will remain safe as they develop during their stay there.

With specific staff-to-child ratios, our licensed daycare in Tottenham offers personalized attention that fosters meaningful interactions between caregivers and peers, providing your child with safe environments to flourish during early childhood development. Such personalized attention ensures their wellbeing as they create unforgettable early learning experiences!

A.C.E Daycare’s expert educators create age-specific curricula tailored for infants through preschoolers that foster physical, cognitive, emotional and social development while stimulating creativity, exploration and thirst for knowledge.

With decades of childcare experience behind them, A.C.E Daycare’s team ensures superior care and support for your child’s development. In addition to caregiving duties, these teachers are educators, mentors, and role models dedicated to nurturing every aspect of their growth and progress.

Staff members at A.C.E Daycare demonstrate genuine care for every child they care for, adhering to the high standards and quality care Ontario parents expect of us. This commitment has earned us an excellent reputation among families across Ontario!

You are investing in your child’s long-term growth and development by choosing A.C.E Daycare as your childcare provider. Our programs aim to foster curiosity, creativity and excitement for learning – acting as advocates for the future success and happiness of each of your little ones!

At A.C.E Daycare, your child’s well-being, growth and happiness are paramount to us. Join our family now and give your young one an ideal foundation for future success and fulfillment; with the assistance of our highly skilled and kind-hearted staff members, we’ll nurture their potential while creating unforgettable memories while we journey along together on this exciting adventure!

A.C.E licensed daycare in Tottenham is now open for registration, so reserve your spot today!

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