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If your maternity leave is coming to an end, unless you’re in a very privileged position whereby you can either take your child to work with you (in most situations this is not an option) or your financial circumstances are such that you don’t need to return to work, daycare is your only realistic option. As one of the leading daycare providers in the Toronto Region, with centres in Thornhill and Mississauga, we are only too aware of how difficult it can be to entrust the welfare of your child to someone else, especially after having spent so much time with them over the last few months and forming a close bond. Finding the right daycare team is vital for obvious reasons and can really help to put your mind at ease while you are at work. During this article we are going to discuss some of the main factors that you will need to think about when making your decision.

What You Can’t Afford to Overlook in the Search for a Daycare Provider

The top daycare centres fill up very fast, so it’s important to take action quickly or you’ll be left disappointed. However, this should never be done at the expense of choosing a quality provider. It’s a process that requires you to do your research, ask a lot of questions and be extremely observant throughout. Factors that should be considered during your search include:

As a parent, you may need to prioritize certain factors (such as cost and distance) when selecting a daycare provider, but generally all of the factors listed above should be considered when assessing the various options available to you. Advanced Care & Education Daycare serves the communities of Thornhill, Maple, Mississauga and Vaughan, and should you have any questions or wish to visit one of our facilities, don’t hesitate to contact our staff on 905-764-9555 (Thornhill) or 905-270-4555 (Mississauga).

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