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Taking your child to a daycare facility for the first time is really a big deal. You have a lot to deal with emotionally considering you will be away from your child probably for the first time. This means that the anxiety you are feeling is very justifiable. People tend to worry so much about how their child would cope without them that they forget to worry about how they would cope without the child. Well, it is only for a few hours so you will be okay. However, you need to be very prepared for that first day. Here’s how to do that.

Shop in advance

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Starting a daycare implies needing some new supplies, depending on your child’s age. If you are taking an infant to daycare, they will need a supply of diapers, feeding bottles and some clothes for changing just in case they have to, among other things. The only way to ensure you get this right is to go shopping before the first day of daycare. This will give you time to cross check and ensure that you have everything that the baby may need. If your child is slightly older, however, they may not need much in terms of new supplies. However, you can motivate them with something that they can use at the daycare just to get them excited.

This could be a new fun backpack or even their favorite cartoon character T-shirt, a new pair of shoes or a customized water bottle. The idea is to get them excited to go to daycare. This will get them off the anxiety of being in a new environment and not being able to see you for hours. If you make sure your child is set for their first day, you may be able to relax and get through it as well.

Stick around for a while

When you finally get the strength to leave the house, do not just drop your child at the daycare and take off. Stick around as they settle in, talk them through some of the new rules that they may have to follow, and even introduce them to the new teacher. This will give them a sense of safety. Your child can only trust someone that you know, and if they get to see you talking to their teacher then they may get comfortable at the daycare facility. Helping them settle in will also help you cope with leaving them. At least you will be sure that you’ve left them in a safe place.

Be on time

This seems rather obvious. After all, those hours spent missing your child, you will probably be at the daycare to pick them up 20 minutes before time. This may be a good thing if you can keep up. But if you can’t, then just be on time. Your child needs to develop a routine and trust that you will always be there when they need you to. This means you should come to pick them up on time, and even get to reward them with a hug or a tickle for a day well spent. You can ask about their day, but do not push it. Just act happy to see them after all those hours of absence, after all, you really are glad to see them.

The first day of daycare can be really problematic for the parent and the child. This is why it is usually a major challenge to get you to start daycare services unless you really have to. When looking to enroll your child in daycare in Vaughan, try finding one that you are comfortable with so that you can relax and focus on having a productive day while they take care of your child for you.

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