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Making the decision to take your child to daycare is not something that you should take lightly. It is important to do all you can to make sure that you make the right choice. There are many licensed daycare centers in Vaughan and you can get all you need by determining your needs. You need to think about the most convenient location for your child when making the choice. This will mean that you can get the all the benefits that come with getting the best daycare in Vaughan. Following are some things to think about when choosing a daycare center for your infant.

A center with a good reputation

A good reputation is a mark of a great daycare center and this is something that you should look for. A good center will have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and it should be known for having a nurturing environment. Talking to former and current clients can be a good way to find out the center’s reputation. Ask for references, or visit the area during pickup time and talk to some of the parents. You should trust your instincts and remember that your first impression can be very helpful when it comes to getting a feel for the place.

Find out the ground rules

It is a good idea to look for a daycare center that offers some flexibility when it comes to drop off and pick up times, but it should also have established regulations when it comes to operating hours. You need to know that you are not only getting convenience, but you can enjoy some consistency for your child. You should look for a center that has established rules when it comes to dealing with emergencies. A good center should provide you with a written copy of the policies so that you know exactly what to expect. This is a great way to know that the center takes its responsibility seriously.


Well-trained, qualified, and caring staff

One of the main reasons why you should choose a daycare center over nannies is the trained and qualified staff. Having people with specialized education taking care of your child can give you peace of mind, as you know that your child is learning something new each day. The best daycare center employees need to be well educated to college level with a background in early childhood development. It also helps to have employees that are trained in CPR and other first aid or emergency training. The best centers know that having people who are well trained is a huge benefit for the kids.

Clean and safe facilities

A good daycare center should be in a facility that is clean and safe. You need to be sure that your child is in a hygienically safe environment. The floors, walls and other areas should be clean. A look at the kitchen areas will help to determine if your child is safe. The building should be well lit, heated and ventilated. It helps to look for a center that has plenty of space both indoors and outdoors and it should follow the basic safety rules when it comes to everything from equipment, to bedding and toys. Confirm that the center serves healthy food and find out the guidelines when it comes to nutrition.

Dealing with sick children

It is a good idea to look for a center that has a strict policy on sick children and staff. This type of center will have rules on the types of illnesses that will keep the child or staff member home. This will help to prevent the spread of diseases to other children. Find out how long the child will be away but remember that a policy that is too strict can actually work against you as your child may be away for longer than necessary. Most centers look for ways to reduce cases of illness by requiring the children and employees to go for regular checkups and get the current immunizations.

A structured schedule

Look for a daycare center that has a structured schedule that includes a stimulating curriculum. The center should have time for physical activity, individual activities, group programs, quiet time, snacks, meals and free time. A good center will not depend on TV or videos to entertain the children unless they are videos that are part of the educational curriculum. A good curriculum will stimulate the children’s development while making life more fun. The center should have age-appropriate toys to encourage children to be creative and imaginative, as they get older.

When choosing a daycare, you will need to observe the environment while asking as many questions as you need to feel at peace with your decision. Starting your search several months before you need the care will give you plenty of time to do your research. It is also important to know that good centers fill up fast! Do not delay when making the decision as this may mean that you miss a spot.

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