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Daycare providers always put in a lot of effort to provide the best care for your children while they are under their watch. They make it a point that activities are geared towards academic learning while also making sure that kids will have a fun time away from home. Add to that, they also take a closer look at a child’s behaviour in order to provide what the child needs in a holistic way.

Inside a daycare centre, children may feel some sort of separation anxiety especially if it is their first time to be away from you. Take note that kids respond to stress varyingly, depending on what they see around them. The good thing about sending them to daycare is the fact that child care providers can help your children manage stress. They see to it that stress and its negative impacts will be reduced. How do they do that?

They plan appropriate activities


Having been able to meet different sets of children over a period of time, child care providers know which approach is best for handling different types of kids. They carefully plan sets of activities catered for kids of all ages in different scenarios. They also prepare predictable routines that are able to release tension.

They know signs of stress when they see one

Daycare providers regularly care for children and through years of experience, they already know when a kid is manifesting signs of anxiety or stress. Of course, they know that behaviours will vary from one child to another depending on the situation, but they are also familiar with common stress indicators in your children such as changes in appetite, irritability, sadness, and behavioural-related.

They reach out to children at the appropriate time

Despite having to attend to a number of kids in daycare, daycare providers make sure they reach out to children whenever they notice changes and stress-related actions like the tendency to withdraw from certain types of activities, or a desired need for attention or physical contact. They also do the same when they notice that the child seems to be acting out of danger or fear. When your child seems not enjoying play then they reach out to carefully know what is bothering the child.

They pay attention to the child’s behaviour

A simple work of art that shows stress-related themes plus all other behavioural changes we have mentioned above should be taken as serious signs of stress. Right from that point when daycare providers recognize such changes, they start thinking of ways on what they can do to help. Apart from reaching out, they pay close attention to your child.

They start by taking note of the changes they are observing and keeping track on how long these changes manifest on your child. Once they notice that the child’s anxiety level increases from time to time, they will call your attention as a parent. They make sure that parents are involved in stress management. Together, you will share ideas as to how you can help your child out of the situation.

Your daycare provider works with you

They do not just inform you about stress-related changes in your child’s behaviour. They will involve you to make sure that the child is well-rested and well-fed. They also ensure that the child has predictable routines not just in daycare but at home as well. They want you to encourage active play just as they do. By communicating positively and calmly, you can both provide the support your child needs when managing stress.

With all the different things that daycare providers can do in order to relieve and manage your child’s stress, there is more than enough reason to trust daycare centers for early childhood education. Work with them and together you will be able to raise a happy, and healthy child!

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