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The best way for your little one to learn and grow is through experiencing new things, taking on challenges, and bouncing back from them! Not only does this enhance your child’s life skills, but it also teaches them the importance of being in tune with their emotions when a rewarding or stressful situation takes place.

At our Hebrew daycare, we strive to make every child feel special in their own way, and we want them to feel safe and welcome to build on their individuality! Self-esteem is heavily developed throughout the toddler and preschool years, so it is the perfect time to read up on our efficient and effective tips here at our daycare in Maple to raise your little one’s self-esteem – get ready!

“We believe in providing a safe, happy, relaxed and positive environment for children where communication and positive self-image is constantly practiced and valued. Our belief is that children learn best through hands-on experiences and through individual and group play that is assisted by the teacher.”

How do daycare educators support children’s emotional development?

Children spend hours at school surrounded by educators around them, so teachers and staff are bound to influence their emotional intelligence – let’s take a look into what educators do to support a young child’s mental adaptability and self-esteem!

Many teachers form a strategized plan to find approaches to best manage and regulate a child’s emotions. Throughout the classrooms, many early childhood educators like to use boards or posters that encourage children to be open about their feelings safely and expressively, from implementing daily mental check-ins to asking students to say one good thing about their day! 

Teachers also make sure that children are given enough sleep to recharge their batteries, as that also affects their day – make sure your little one is getting enough rest during the night, and we’ll take care of their much-needed afternoon naps 🙂

How do I teach my child to deal with big emotions?

In terms of managing any types of big emotions, like fear, stress, or anger, it is important to know your child and their triggers/reactions towards certain scenarios to understand how to maintain it.

Validate, validate, validate! Verbally letting your child know their feelings are valid teaches them that they can express their emotions to you. That’s not all; listening to your child and hearing them communicate their thought process builds on their emotional intelligence and problem-solving skills.

Ask them to focus on their breathing and use their words, not actions! First, their feelings may be everywhere, making it challenging to stay calm and make appropriate decisions. By telling them to focus on their breathing, they are shifting away from their immediate emotions, allowing them to verbalize any type of fear, stress, or anger they have.

At ACE daycare, we have a qualified and experienced team that regularly deals with helping children be in more tune with their emotions. We will ensure that your child is navigating through their thoughts in a way that encourages them to be verbal and expressive!

How can dealing with emotions help my child’s self-esteem?

Dealing with your little one’s emotions and self-esteem go hand in hand with one another! In having a proper step process in helping your child deal with their feelings, whether through validating their feelings or navigating their thoughts, they will have stronger mental stability and a greater understanding of themselves as a young individual!

A daycare is a prime environment for children to develop their individuality and self-esteem skills. At our Hebrew daycare, we know what to do in order to regulate and encourage the expression of feelings and thoughts!

Have any questions? Let us know!

Teaching your child the proper way to talk about their feelings throughout their toddler and preschool years strongly builds a good foundation for their future methods of emotional management – and we know how to help.

We want to give your child the best daycare experience one can have while teaching them the necessary ways to regulate how they feel. With our qualified, supportive, trained staff ensuring that your child is learning and having fun, get ready to see your child blossom. Registration is opening soon for September, so keep an eye out!

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