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You have quite a number of things to prepare before taking your child to a daycare facility. The right information will ensure you child make the most of his or her time from the daycare. One of the areas of concern is his/her dress code. Some daycare providers do require a certain dress code, but in most cases, this is left to the parent’s discretion. When it comes to the clothing choices for your child’s next Thornhill daycare class, here are a few suggestions that you can consider:

Think practically – leave the dressy clothes for another occasion

As much as the young kids look absolutely adorable in raffles and those lacy dresses, care givers often find themselves in trouble dealing with this kind of attire. Parents ought to think of dressing kids up, ready for fun and practicality. Avoid dressing them in clothes meant for the outdoors and show-offs in parties and weddings and the like. Just have them come in dressed in a practical way.

Keep those tightly fitting tights suspenders and lacey overpants for other occasions

Agreeably, some of the tights we have them dressed in keep off the cold weather especially by covering the legs and the thighs. As much as that may be true, some of those tights can be troublesome, and constantly undressing and dressing up a number of kids with such clothes can prove really tiresome if they are way too tight. The same is true for lacey pants and some types of suspenders.

Kids need to be potty-trained – let’s make their work easier

When the focus is training to use the loo, kids need to have attire that are easily fastened and unfastened. At age 7, kids are counting those successful bathroom breaks and those unsuccessful accidents, and you will need to have them in dash-and-go clothes to help them win. In addition, kids feel really embarrassed when they are able to unsnap the clothes and are unable to resnap it. Parents can assist the kids beforehand by availing clothes that can be fastened and unfasted successfully by the kids.

It’s a no-no for bows hats and fancy barrettes

The hair bow steadily fixed on a girl’s ponytail is quite a good touch, and should do just fine in the daycare. However, the fancy clip-on that costs quite a penny and keeps slipping off should be left at home. In addition, those barrettes and hats should be left at home. They may prove dangerous to a child’s tender head during nap time.

Become seasonally-correct with their outfits

Daycare teachers are often left in dismay when a parent brings a child to the daycare with the wrong kind of dressing during a certain season. This means that the child will be limited in the activities he/she will be carrying out that day. As a parent, just like you are well aware of the weather patterns at home, the same should be reflected in thinking about your child in the daycare. You will even find some smart parents having an extra set in the car just in case the weather gives the child a surprise.

We often forget the jacket

There is an alarming rate of parents forgetting kids’ jackets at home when taken to the daycare. Kids are often left shivering or left indoors when the rest are out getting their much needed play. Parents are advised to buy an inexpensive jacket to be kept inside the kid’s daycare cubby just in case it gets cold. Daycare providers usually prefer the zipper type with a hood built in for a really chilly day.

For their feet, the tennis shoes will do

Have the kids come with tennis shoes to the daycare and they will have an easier time both inside and outside. Leave those sandals at home unless the kids are smart enough to carry and put the tennis shoes on once needed, without losing the flip-flops along the way.

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