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At A.C.E, we understand the importance of taking a holistic approach to educating your child. Our daycare in Maple is dedicated to providing your little one with fantastic activities that actively engage your child to immerse themselves in the five senses and help them develop better sensory skills that will give them an easier transition into going into the first grade.

The five senses are an excellent way for your child to learn about the world around them while giving them endless opportunities to expose them to a variety of different stimuli to help them shape their development. As one of the best daycares in Vaughan, our educators are qualified in helping your child experience the five senses and encourage play-based learning.


Can you hear that? It’s your child learning the sense of sound!

Through educating children through the power of music and sound-play, your child can be introduced to the range of feelings that the magic of sound has. Audio play will help your child understand a wide range of emotions including happiness, being calm and helping them express who they are in a safe environment with other toddlers. Like other skills, listening takes practice, and by actively engaging your child’s sense of sound, they will be able to have a well-rounded approach to the world around them.


Look! We’re using our sense of sight!

They might not know it, but when your little one engages in activities that promote their sense of sight, it actually strengthens their literacy skills in the process. Sight games help children recognize words, objects and patterns and even help them develop their sense of memory! We can help your child observe different colours, shapes and figures of the objects around them to enhance their visual capabilities.


Taking a BIG whiff with a sense of smell!

We believe that developing a strong sense of smell can truly help your toddler associate different scents with different emotions. For example, your child might smell a vanilla-scented object and immediately feel comforted. Strengthening your child’s sense of smell will go way beyond their cute little noses – it’s also a way to help them establish what scents they associate with scary, happy, and exciting!


Touching their way to explore the world around them!

Since your precious little one was born, they have communicated with their little hands. Touching is a way of connecting with you, and at daycare, the sense of feeling something physical instantly will ground your child. Most activities will involve the use of hands and feet – anywhere from writing their names to tying their shoes to playing hand games with other children. At A.C.E., we will also engage your child in exciting activities that help them explore one of the most important senses to develop their motor skills.


Yummy, yummy – let’s explore the sense of taste!

Who doesn’t love a delicious cupcake or a yummy cookie? No matter how old you are, the sense of taste allows us to truly enjoy the food and desserts around us. For your little one, tasting something fantastic will only add to their learning experience. The range of tastes that your little one will be exposed to will give them the opportunity to truly learn what they like – from the bitterness of a lemon to the sweetness of a marshmallow. Plus, having a balanced meal that your child enjoys will only give them more energy to enjoy their time at our daycare!


We encourage children to experiment and explore their environment with their five senses as well as other areas of development such as cognitive, social and manipulative!

The five senses are a phenomenal way to help your child learn about the exciting world around them, and help them figure out what they like and don’t like. Helping them enhance their development through the senses of smelling, touching, sight, taste and hearing can give your child the holistic experience of growing up – and loving it!


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