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For most parents, there will come a time when they need to take their kids to daycare centers. In this day and age, many parents need the free time in order to work, and so may not afford to provide care for their kids throughout. This is understandable, and is why daycare centers were conceived in the first place. 

One of the challenges that you will definitely face as a parent is transitioning your child from you taking care of them to having them being in a daycare center. The fact that they will have bonded with you may create issues such as separation anxiety, and the degree of this might vary between different children. To ease this, there are a number of ways of transitioning your child into liking daycare, and to reduce the culture shock that they may experience during their first day there. Some of these include: 

Go with them to the daycare center 

One cardinal rule that most parents know by default is to visit any potential licensed daycare in Thornhill before signing up for it. Going with them there will make it easier for them to get used to the place, which will in turn reduce separation anxiety when it finally becomes a routine. Once you have identified the ideal daycare center, you can spend the first day there with them. 

Hanging out with your kids at the daycare center will give them the opportunity to explore and interact with other kids as well as with their minders. By getting used to them, going to the daycare center will be less of a hassle in the future days. Sacrificing this time for them will reduce the emotional toll that suddenly going to a daycare center might have on them. 

Have them bring a toy to the daycare center

When your child first goes to the daycare center, it might be wise for you to allow them to go with a toy or other item they like. Part of the reason why they might like such an item is due to the fact that it will have your scent on it, which tends to comfort kids. When they have such an item in the daycare center, they are less likely to have problems settling in. This is particularly important for very young kids. 

Implement a routine where you can integrate into the daycare hours

Though this may not always be possible, it would be a good idea to let your child develop a routine that can be extended to the daycare setting. For instance, they can have naps at around the same interval, and can also have meals or snacks with regularity as well. This way, it will be easy for them to settle into the daycare rhythm. Having your child develop a routine will also make life easier for you on the days that they don’t go to the daycare center. This is because it will help you understand what to expect, and even plan your day when you are alone with them. 

Talk about it with your child

Talking about the fact that they are going to be staying at a daycare center for some time during the following days is also a good way to introduce them to it. Of course, this method only works for older children who can understand such concepts. By talking to your child, you can find out if they have any fears regarding the whole issue, and you can thus allay them. In addition to that, there are some cases where such a conversation will help you figure out what qualities the daycare center should have for it to be comfortable for them. Remember that if the daycare center is fun, it will be much easier for you to leave them there every day.

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