Developing Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills with Music Play in the Classroom 

July 13, 2021

Singing and playing are an important part of growing up, especially when you’re little! Our daycare in Maple integrates the adventures of learning with the excitement of sensory play to help your child develop essential social and cognitive skills. We are a subsidized daycare in Vaughan that gives all children the opportunity to enhance their motor abilities and strengthen their emotional experiences.

Music is a time for children to enjoy listening to a variety of different musical rhythms and dancing or moving to the sound of music. A special music teacher comes in once a week to spend time teaching the children new songs as well as exploring a variety of musical instruments. This special activity promotes a child’s enhancement in music, encourages children to be exposed to and appreciate different types of music as well as making them aware of how music is played and created.


Music is an essential element of a child’s education

From the moment your child was born, you immersed them in a world of music, soothing sounds and offered them educational ways to interact with the world around them. Children of all ages express themselves through music; whether it’s swaying to a song, bouncing up and down to a beat or clapping their hands to different musical tones. 

Infants and toddlers will recognize the melody of a song long before they understand the words. The magic of music is felt in children long before they can express themselves verbally, and at A.C.E. Daycare we continually encourage music play to elevate a child’s daycare experience.


Five Ways Music and Sensory Play Improves Your Child’s Development

  • Music enhances imagination. Children can easily mimic music sounds they hear as an additional way to understand the growing world around them. Toddlers who hear sound tones directed towards them are much more likely to respond to them through means of noise and babbling before they have the chance to begin speaking. 
  • Music instantly boosts your child’s mood. At any age, music has the ability to enhance an individual’s mood, and specifically for a toddler, music is vital in increasing their confidence. Music brings on positive emotions such as delight, joy and affection that will further increase their sense of belonging and social happiness.
  • Music builds intimacy. Studies have proven that when toddlers are exposed to music twice a week, they are more likely to feel a sense of security and care in a daycare setting. Close relationships are developed through a bond of soothing music tones, pitches and lyrics that enhance the child’s sense of musical wonder.
  • Music develops stronger motor skills. Any clapping, tapping, bouncing and dancing can help enhance and refine a child’s motor skills. Simple songs with a back-and-forth rhythm can increase a toddler’s brain and body coordination, helping your child build important cognitive connections as they grow older.
  • Music helps your child engage in social interactions easier. Dancing allows for open self-expression, where a child is feeling included and able to connect with others. A catchy song allows all areas of a child’s social interactions to expand and bring to light different potential friendships. What better way to enjoy music than by sharing that joy with a friend?


Do-Re-Mi DO Invest in Your Child’s Sensory Development with Music Play

Music has fantastic benefits, and for your child, it’s essential to let them immerse themselves into a world of different tones, lyrics and sounds to further develop their sensory skills. At A.C.E. Daycare in Maple, we will help your child develop an intimate connection with a wide variety of music that will enhance their fine and large motor skills to improve their overall happiness.


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