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daycare in thornhill for toddlers

At A.C.E Daycare in Thornhill, we know the value of providing toddlers with a safe and stimulating learning experience. Through sensory play-based activities and cultural celebrations with experienced staff on hand to care for and educate each little one, A.C.E Daycare strives to offer them both as an exceptional daycare in Thornhill for toddlers.

The Power of Learning Through Play

Play is an integral element of early childhood learning and development. Through play, children explore, experiment and make sense of the world. At our daycare, we harness play’s potential to spark your toddler’s curiosity as we support their cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth.

Sensory Learning for Early Development

Through sensory activities that engage all five senses – textures, sounds, scents and tastes – your toddler will discover various textures, sounds, smells and tastes as part of our program designed to foster cognitive development in their young brains. By experiencing various sensations through play, they build neural connections, which result in enhanced learning later on.

Imagine their delight as they press small fingers into a pile of soft and colourful playdough or witness liquid water transform into frozen form right before their eyes. These activities help promote brain development while developing fine and gross motor skills and language growth as children describe sensory experiences through words or pictures and further language acquisition through expressive play.

Learning Through Play: A Scientific Perspective

Scientific evidence supports the proposition that play-based education substantially enhances early years learning. Engaging activities boost cognitive development while having significant ripple effects on emotional and social well-being; children develop problem-solving capabilities, creativity, and resilience as they prepare themselves for later academic achievements.

Embracing Cultural Celebrations

At A.C.E Daycare, our aim is to foster well-rounded individuals. Cultural celebrations here at our daycare are not mere events – rather, they serve as valuable learning experiences that help children understand and respect different cultural practices and holidays.

Through these celebrations, toddlers become acquainted with traditions, cuisines and customs – fostering an understanding of culture and traditions at an early age. Exposing children to various cultures at such an early stage helps open-mindedness develop as children can appreciate all that our multicultural world offers them.

Experienced Staff for Individualized Care

At A.C.E Daycare, our staff understands that every child is special. That is why we take time to understand your toddler’s specific needs, interests and abilities so we can tailor learning activities specifically to him or her.

No matter their personality or interests, our staff ensures your child feels safe, encouraged, and empowered to learn at his or her own pace. We create an encouraging and nurturing environment where children are free to express themselves freely while building self-esteem and creating lasting memories of the experience.

Why A.C.E Daycare Is Your Best Choice

Choose A.C.E Daycare because we understand its importance for you and your toddler’s development through play-based learning, sensory experiences, cultural celebrations and personalized care from experienced staff members. We focus on supporting their holistic growth with play-based learning methods such as play dough activities or sensory play sessions, as well as cultural festivities to facilitate holistic development for each of our participants.

Scientific findings emphasize the significance of play for early childhood education. We believe that learning through play not only builds academic success but also equips children with essential life skills such as creativity, problem-solving and emotional resilience.

If you are a parent who recently started looking for a daycare in Thornhill for toddlers, choose A.C.E Daycare, as we stand as an epicentre of toddler learning and development. Our commitment to offering safe, nurturing, enriching environments ensures your child receives an optimal start in life. At A.C.E Daycare, we believe learning through play should not simply be seen as a catchphrase – join us in this incredible adventure of discovery and growth.

Discover more about our programs and how they can support the growth and development of your toddler by calling us now at (905) 764-9555!


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