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The teachers at our daycare classrooms play a critical role in supporting social and emotional development and preparing young learners for success in school and beyond. Are you looking for a daycare in Thornhill for toddlers? Ace Daycare is an option proven to allow children to get excited for their time spent here and develop successfully through socialization in our programs.

During the first few years of their lives young children acquire social and emotional skills, such as regulating their emotions, sharing with others, and following instructions. These skills form the basis for developing cognitive abilities, including literacy and numeracy, that are essential for success in both school and life. Nurturing and responsive relationships with family members and caregivers, including those in early learning settings, are essential for promoting healthy social and emotional development.

Daycare Is The Best Option
In their early years, children experience rapid brain development and acquire important social and emotional skills that are essential for their growth. Our daycare helps children to regulate and express a range of emotions, develop positive relationships with adults and peers, and explore and learn actively. Children’s early experiences, such as interactions with caregivers and their environment, can shape the architecture of their brain, which can have a lasting impact on their behavior and reactions later in life.

For most children, social and emotional development occurs in a predictable pattern. They form close relationships with caregivers, learn to soothe themselves when upset, play and share with others, and follow directions. These are all positive signs of early social and emotional development. Early learning environments provide ample opportunities for children to develop social and emotional skills.

Ace Daycare provides high-quality early learning environments for toddlers. Our staff have licensure and accreditation and are well-trained caregivers and ensure parental involvement with total transparency. These elements promote strong relationships between caregiver and child, as well as attention to children’s interests, problem-solving skills, language development, social skills, and physical development. Such environments can also reduce the risk of poor mental health and mitigate the effects of poverty, maternal depression, and other risk factors.

Well-trained early care and education professionals are crucial in supporting social and emotional competence in young children. They build nurturing and responsive relationships with the children in their care, model respectful behavior, and incorporate social and emotional skill-building into daily activities. They also consider and support the individual needs of each child within the context of their family and culture.

If you’re choosing a daycare, it’s important to check if the center follows a curriculum and how they incorporate playtime versus screen time. It’s also important to consider whether providers have enough time to engage with kids one-on-one. At Ace Daycare, we can provide you with a history of amazing reviews, happy families, and a breakdown of our programs and how they benefit your child. Below you will find some of the amazing programs we offer for successful socialization.

Circle Time is a valuable opportunity for children to come together and share ideas, develop a sense of group cohesion, and build listening and speaking skills. During Circle Time, children engage in activities such as reading, singing, learning about the calendar, and exploring themes of interest.

The Drama Centre provides a play area for children to use their imaginations and develop their creative, language, communication, and social skills. This center is transformed into different themes such as a doctor’s office, grocery store, hair salon, or school bus, allowing children to explore and practice decision-making and negotiation skills individually or in a group.

The Block/Building Centre promotes the development of gross and fine motor skills while allowing children to experiment with concepts of space, size, and shape. It also provides an opportunity for children to create, design, and collaborate on projects.

Floor Toys and Puzzles promote decision-making, socialization, language, and independence skills. Puzzles, in particular, enhance logic skills and goal accomplishment. To keep children engaged, it is necessary to rotate toys frequently and provide a variety of options.

The Jolly-Phonics program is designed to teach reading skills to preschool and kindergarten children. A specialized reading teacher visits each week to introduce the program, and it is enhanced as children acquire new skills. This program helps develop fine motor skills, letter recognition, and reading readiness, which prepares children for school.

The Science and Sensory program provides children of all ages with an opportunity to experiment with their five senses and explore a variety of materials, such as water and sand, that have different textures, smells, and appearances. Children can play individually or in small groups and learn through hands-on experimentation.

Our team of knowledgeable and friendly professionals is ready to answer any questions you have. Give Ace Daycare a call today at 905-764-9555 and let us help you take the first step towards helping your child succeed in socialization and development. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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