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If you are getting ready to enrol your child in a daycare, it is paramount to consider the clothing they will be wearing. Choosing the right clothing for your child will ensure that they stay comfortable and happy and this will in turn help them to focus more on new tasks ahead. Most parents are not sure what type of clothing they need to put on their kids as they go to a daycare. You may think that any clothing can do as long as the child is well covered and neat but that is not usually the case.

When it comes to early childhood education, it is very important to keep a child comfortable so that they are able to concentrate to learn new things. Not all daycare centers require that a child should wear uniform. However, you need to find out if the daycare your child will attend requires him or her to wear one. If a daycare center does not require a uniform, they do provide a list of guidelines on how you should dress your child. These guidelines cover the appropriate jewellery and shoes you child should wear every day. We will list some of the common guidelines of how you should dress your child to a daycare to help you make the necessary changes if need be.

Practical and comfortable

Ensure that your child wear clothes that fit properly so that they don’t get distracted by what they are wearing. Comfortable clothes will help your child to focus more on learning and playing instead. Don’t dress your child in clothes with dangling beads or strings since this can be dangerous when they play. Also, ensure that you dress you child in clothes that are easy to clean.

Easy to get on and off

For small children, taking frequent and sometimes urgent potty breaks is normal. Dress your child in clothes that are easy to get on and off to avoid frustration for both their caregivers and your child.

Safe shoes

You chid should wear fitting and comfortable shoes in a daycare. The shoes must be enclosed and easy to take off and on. Avoid footwear such as backless sandals and flip-flops. Open shoes can increase the risk of injury when children are playing and running.

Weather appropriate

Most daycare centers have an outdoor play area and they encourage children to take part in outdoor activities as part of their learning and development. Always make sure that you dress your child appropriately depending on the current weather conditions. During hot seasons, cloth your child with loose fitting clothes and ensure that you apply sunscreen on them to protect them from sun burns. During the cold or rainy season, cloth them in warm clothes and you can even apply mosquito repellent to keep them safe.

Label clothing

It is not unusual for a child to misplace items of clothing in a daycare. Items like mittens and sweaters can easily be misplaced since children tend to take them off when they don’t need them at the time. Label all your child’s clothing items with their names to make it easy for the caregiver to trace them when they get misplaced.

Pack an extra set of clothing

Daycare centers include a lot of outdoor activities in their programs such as arts and crafts to help a child to get in touch with his or her artistic side. These activities require children to use their hands and they can be sometimes messy. Make sure that you send your child along with an extra set of clothing in case things get messy and they need to change. Include extra cloth items like underwear and socks.

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