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Being a parent, it is your responsibility to choose the best daycare in Vaughan for your kid. You must pay special attention to the health and safety standards of the center before you proceed further. Remember that not all daycare centers are good and pay attention to kids. Because of this, it was found that most of the kids who go to these centers get sick quite frequently. If you are planning to enroll your kid in such type of a center, ask the daycare administration how they work to fight with germs and their policy about sick kids. Do check whether they keep their toys clean or not. A good daycare is the one where germ fighting is always their top priority.

Parents are always concerned about sanitation, hygiene and germs when it comes to choosing a daycare center. They begin to get more worried as the cold and flu season begins. This is when you notice children with coughs and runny nose playing your kid. Such concerns are quite valid. With so many kids playing together in a small place, a daycare can act as a festering ground for different types of viruses and bacteria.

Here is a list of questions you can ask the daycare administration to check whether they are making effort in protecting children from flu virus and other assorted bacteria.

How often employees wash their hands?

A good daycare center is the one that requires employees to wash their hands frequently. Ideally it should be in between touching a child. When you visit the daycare, see if they have a sink in every room. In case they don’t, look for the hand sanitizer bottles. If they are not easily available, it means that the staff has to leave room to clean their hands and therefore they would not be doing it frequently.

Are the toys well cleaned?


Most of the daycare centers have a policy to sanitize their toys daily. According to a recent report it was suggested the toy should be set aside the moment the child has put it in his mouth. It should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before it is given back to children for playing.

What is the policy for sick kids?

Parents would never want their children to be playing next to a kid with pinkeye, fever or flu. They also need to analyze themselves if they would be able to stay at home in case their child is ill.

Daycare centers have different policies when it comes to keeping sick children at home. However, the regulatory authorities have laid the following guidelines for the daycare kids who get sick.

The rule states that the child should be kept out of the daycare facility if any of the following happens:

• The child has a fever above (checked orally) 101 F along with behavioral change and other symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, rashes or sore throat etc.

• If the child is suffering from diarrhea that is difficult to be contained in a diaper or that makes it hard for the toilet trained kid incontinent.

• If the child is vomiting more than two times in a day.

Some centers are more lenient when compared with others. While a few do not even allow a child who is sneezing to enter the facility, there are some that let sick kids attend daycare center but keep them in a separate room. But if a child is kept in a different room because he is not feeling well, it does not mean that he does not need attention. He must not be ignored or left alone in any case.

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