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There are many things you can teach your child at an early age. Whilst endeavouring to teach them to learn how to communicate with other people, you will also see to it that they fit in a crowd socially and emotionally. With the help of daycares in Thornhill, you can be sure that your child is on his first step to growing up and developing holistically.

Amongst popular activities in daycare centres are phonics or teaching kids how to say words through sounds and familiarity. Add to this, however, it will be crucial to bring out the imaginative and creative side of your child. Creative activities will encourage them to explore their surroundings and become curious about the world around them.

What are creative activities for preschoolers?

Creative activities for preschoolers encompasses a range of activities that will not only help whilst developing your child’s mind. It can likewise encourage meaningful connections as they make use of different materials. Preschoolers are given the chance to experiment on materials that they get their hands on with the choice to simply touch or move these objects. They can expand their curiosity even further by manipulating these materials. Here are examples of activities that preschoolers will love in this regard.

Crafting with different materials

It is usual for preschools and daycare centres to offer specific objects that your child can play with. One day, the teacher can bring in some popsicle sticks to build miniature houses. The next day, she can bring construction paper and will instruct kids to use different colors to craft a particular object.

To make crafting even more creative and fun for your kids, however, teachers can also allow kids to choose their own materials. This is better in enhancing their imagination rather than letting them get a grasp of materials that have been pre-selected for them. What makes open-ended crafting even more interesting is that part when a child suddenly creates a story out of the materials they work with.

Drawing for fun

It is usual for kids to get a bond paper or any type of marker and a set of markers which can be used for drawing the objects that they have in mind. What makes drawing more fun, creative and lovable for kids especially in a classroom setup is an available drawing space at a specific room inside the classroom. This can somehow take more encouragement since kids may have been taught not to draw anything on any material other than paper. Erasable crayons can be used to allow them to use the space again for the following days.

If having that free space for them to draw on is not possible, teachers can always get a cork board similar to the size of a small bulletin board. They won’t be drawing on the cork board. They can use it to display their works of art. It is the best way to encourage them to be more creative with different artworks.

Creative movement

If you have been using flashcards at home to help kids become more familiar with animals and all other things in their surroundings, teachers can use the same materials to encourage movement. They will simply flash a card of animals and allow kids to move the way that they imagine the movement of these animals. Kids bring out their creative side when interpreting various animal movements.

Make your own musical instrument

There are many different materials that can produce a variety of sounds similar to what musical instruments produce. Teachers can encourage kids to pick a material of their choice to design their own musical instruments. From there, they can have their mini concert inside the classroom where they will be the musician and singer at the same time.

There are indeed a lot of creative activities that preschoolers will love. Make sure you include them in your to-do-list when teaching kids at home too.

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