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While your child has made a comfortable environment at home, they will soon have to explore the world beyond their familiar surroundings. Our Jewish daycare in Thornhill can make sure your precious little one has a harmonious and pleasant experience while helping them develop strong social skills to set them up for success!

As a loving parent, you understand that every child is different when it comes to communicating with others. Your daughter may be a social butterfly, ready to talk to anyone that is willing to listen, while your son may be much sensible and reserved. Our daycare in Maple celebrates children all over the world, and that is why we want to equip your child to handle any social situation.

Enhance your child’s social development by enrolling them in a nurturing environment where they are allowed to fully be themselves and make friends that they can grow with!


Prepare your child to thrive in a social setting with these three tips!

The daycare experience plays a crucial part in your child’s growing up process, especially regarding their social skills. When your child is happy at daycare, they will be able to confidently interact with other children and consistently develop their vocabulary and manners. Here are just some of the ways that A.C.E. Daycare can enhance your little one’s social skills and help them make friends easier:

  1. Your child is able to express themselves freely. Through our range of activities, your child will be able to explore all their range of emotions in a safe and productive setting. When your child feels completely accepted within their environment, they will be more inclined to find other children that are compatible with their interests. Here are just some of the activities that your child will actively participate in at A.C.E. Daycare:
    • Imaginative play
    • Singing and dancing
    • Looking at pictures of other children expressing a variety of emotions
    • Interactive book readings about expressing their feelings
  2. Cooperating and sharing personal space. Cooperation is an essential part of growing up – there’s a reason why they say ‘Sharing is caring’ after all! As your child begins their social journey, they must learn how to get along with others and to play fair. Sharing personal space in a respectful manner will help your child make more friends and will contribute to an overall positive daycare experience. Here are some of the activities that they will actively engage in that will improve your child’s sense of sharing:
    • Building a toy tower with others
    • Role-playing, including interactive accessories and fun costumes
    • Working on a puzzle together
    • Playing duck duck goose, in which patience and taking turns are taught
  3. Manifesting manners. Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can go a long way toward helping your child gain the attention of others in a positive manner. We will continue to instill manners in your little one that he is experiencing at home while engaging them in fun and educational activities including:
    • Having a ‘tea party’ where they can explore their sharing manners simultaneously
    • Practicing sharing toys, craft items and sports equipment
    • Playing interactive manners games
    • Reading fun stories about characters practicing great manners


Set your child up for success and give them the opportunity to grow in a social environment!

Your little one is ready to make friends in a social environment, and with A.C.E. Daycare, we will help your child develop essential social skills that will be transferred into their later years. We will engage your child in engaging and creative-based content while helping them explore different educational domains such as social-emotional development, cultural awareness and creative expression.

Interested in finding out how A.C.E. Daycare can help your child develop their social skills? We would love to hear from you!

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