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Most parents will find themselves wondering at some point or another; “What are the benefits of putting my child in licensed daycare?”

Sending your baby to daycare is a decision that most parents face with both excitement and worry. Although there is a spark of eagerness, it is often overshadowed by guilt as new parents contemplate leaving their young child in the hands of a caregiver for the first time.

These feelings and doubts are normal and to be expected. Approaching this exciting milestone might have you wondering if the benefits of daycare outweigh the emotional turmoil you might be feeling.

The answer is yes, through and through. The advantages of daycare have been researched extensively and proven to have positive effects that extend far beyond the joy a child receives day to day.

An important and notable benefit is the socialization & interaction young children receive during this crucial developmental stage. Your child’s experience at daycare provides a very important window for them to develop their emerging social skills as they interact with other children their own age.

A child’s ability to build relationships with other children in a supervised environment is something that cannot be emphasized enough.

Our qualified care providers are trained to support and model prosocial behavior, which has a long-lasting impact on your child’s social development. Focusing on these social skills in early childhood fosters positive attitudes and emotional intelligence, such as compassion and empathy.

Your child’s opportunity to build positive relationships with their caregivers is also hugely important for their development, as it will support a healthy attachment style which has long-term positive effects on their social and emotional well-being.

In the same vein as social interactions with others their own age, children also get the opportunity to learn more about adults; very young children generally learn about adults from their own parents or senior members of their families. Daycare creates an environment for children to see other adults as teachers and mentors who are able to provide important, positive guidance. A 2006 study found that quality daycare was directly connected to quality caregiving.

Another benefit is a smoother transition into kindergarten. A separate study found that after going to daycare, kids found it easier to adjust to traditional schooling, owing to the structure and familiarity of a classroom-type environment.

It has also been found that children enrolled in daycare tend to have more profound academic achievements as teenagers if they received high quality childcare as young children. Having a schedule is very beneficial for a young person, and although they might not be aware of the ticking clock, children are provided with a complete roster of activities that include playtime and storytelling. These scheduled activities help parents as well, who can worry less that their toddler’s behavior will be unmanageable at the end of the day without an outlet to tire themselves out.  

What is the best age to enroll my child in daycare?

There isn’t any single answer to that question. Experts generally feel that 12 months old is an ideal time to transition an infant to daycare activities. It is commonly believed by many childhood care experts that separation anxiety is at its most significant at 9 months of age.

Physical and emotional attachment can be difficult to discern in a child because of their lack of communication skills.

Above, we discussed the solid, proven benefits to sending your infant or toddler to daycare early on. Now, perhaps, the question isn’t should you send your child into daycare early, but what are the signs that they’re ready for daycare? Here are some potential considerations:

– Can they walk on their own without assistance?

– Are they able to play with other infants and toddlers without constant supervision?

– Can they understand the relationship between cause and effect, such as what happens if they throw a cup on the floor?

– Are you noticing an attempt to form words instead of only vocalizations?

– Do they insist on choosing their own clothing and making attempts at dressing themselves?

– Have they learned to express themselves through scribbling or playing with blocks?

ACE may be perfect for your little one! Our trained, supportive, and eager staff want to give your toddler the best opportunities during their stages of development. Ready to see your child’s mind blossom? Register now, and we’ll see you soon!

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