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The early years of little kids are critical in setting a foundation for life-long learning and discovery, which makes A.C.E Daycare offer children in this formative period a nurturing learning environment renowned for innovative methods of instruction, safety, and excellence in early childhood education. We will explain why A.C.E Daycare should be chosen when searching for child care in Tottenham for your toddler.

Building Bonds with Peers

Social skills play an equally vital role in early development, which is why A.C.E Daycare in Tottenham emphasizes peer interactions. Toddlers learn the art of bonding with others within an atmosphere that fosters mutual respect and understanding between classmates, helping foster empathy, cooperation, and the ability to form long-lasting friendships. This early exposure allows children to thrive.

Embracing Play-Based Learning

Understanding the world through play is at the core of A.C.E Daycare’s philosophy, so we implement play-based learning into our curriculum to ensure children engage with their environment in educational and entertaining ways. This method facilitates toddlers’ creative thought development and problem-solving abilities – making learning fun!

Advancing with Cognitive and Activity-Based Learning

At A.C.E Child Care in Tottenham, cognitive and activity-based learning go hand in hand. Our curriculum is carefully planned to engage young minds while sparking their natural curiosity for discovery. Through puzzles, interactive games, and hands-on activities for toddlers in Tottenham, we offer them endless opportunities for discovery!

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

One of the hallmarks of A.C.E Daycare’s distinctive qualities is its dedication to cultural celebration. Recognizing its importance from an early age, this center hosts events and activities honouring various traditions and practices across cultures – further enriching the daycare experience and instilling global citizenship values among the children there.

Why Choose A.C.E Daycare in Tottenham?

Our dedication to nurturing toddlers’ physical, emotional and intellectual development makes A.C.E Daycare an excellent choice among local parents. Through creating bonds between students, play-based learning sessions or celebrating various cultures, A.C.E Daycare ensures all our little toddlers get off on a great start in life. Enroll your toddler today!



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