Building your toddler’s self-esteem in daycare - because a nurtured child is a happy child!

February 23, 2022

Taking the time to delight in your child’s accomplishments can help them understand that you truly value their interests – not to mention, making them feel like they are smart and capable. At our Jewish daycare, we believe that every single child is special. If your little one is a little more reserved and has a harder time playing with other children, we can help them find their confidence.

We can help your little one develop a positive view of themselves and trust their abilities as they grow older. When you trust us to give your toddler the best daycare experience, we help your child develop healthy self-esteem perspectives and help them be successful even after they leave our doors.

We believe in providing a safe, happy, relaxed and positive environment for children where communication and positive self-image is constantly practiced and valued. Our belief is that children learn best through hands-on experiences and through individual and group play that is assisted by the teacher.

Is your child an introvert or an extrovert?

It’s always important to remember that we all vary in how confident we feel talking and socializing with others. When it comes to your toddler, helping them feel comfortable in the presence of others is what is going to give them the opportunity to make friends and develop long-term self-esteem.

If your little one doesn’t have any siblings or has grown up with three brothers and sisters, it’s important to make the child feel like there is nothing wrong with preferring to play alone. At ACE Daycare, we continually support your child’s development and encourage them to showcase who they are. Here are just some of the ways that our professional and friendly educators can help your child thrive and their confidence skyrocket:

  • We encourage parallel play, where other children play alongside your little one to develop the concept of sustained thoughts and feelings. Through focusing on non-verbal emotions, your little one can understand the importance of expressing emotions and learning to ‘read’ others’ emotions through play.
  • We accentuate the wonderful characteristics of your child. They may show random acts of kindness or they cleaned up their play area nicely. Small children, especially toddlers, need a little bit of gratification to understand that they have done something right. When your child knows that they have done something to benefit others, they will associate that feeling with increased confidence!
  • We look forward to all the questions! It’s important for a child to understand that asking for help is a healthy part of growing up. We let your child feel especially great by asking them questions back, to give them the power of knowing the answer like “I forgot what colour I’m wearing – do you know?” 
  • We give your child our full attention. Providing your toddler with undivided attention boosts their self-worth by knowing that they are valuable. Simply making eye contact with them, listening to them intently, and allowing them to share their feelings without any judgment can reassure your child that you support them no matter what. Our friendly educators can make your little one feel like they are important, increasing their self-esteem over time.

Encourage your toddler to feel confident with our Jewish daycare!

We all love to feel good – no matter our age! Your toddler is beginning their own journey of social and mental development, and confidence plays a vital role in their self-esteem. By setting up your child to succeed at our daycare, you can help them grow up feeling good about themselves and the world around them.

Your little one is going to grow up with an optimistic perspective and a lively personality, and we will provide the learning blocks for their success.

Get in touch with us today and visit our daycare today!


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