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Are you searching for a daycare in Tottenham that provides your child with a stimulating yet nurturing home-like atmosphere to foster his or her development and progress? Your search ends here! A.C.E Daycare, well known across Ontario for its exceptional childcare services, now extends its expertise into Tottenham to ensure families access top-quality care services.

At A.C.E, we recognize the critical nature of early childhood development and strive to deliver top-tier care for your young ones. No matter if they are infants, toddlers, preschoolers or kindergarteners, our staff provides complete support throughout every stage as they grow into becoming lifelong learners and thrive as individuals.

Infant Room: Fostering Early Brain Development in a Safe Haven

The infant room at A.C.E daycare in Tottenham offers a warm and secure space in which your newborn can flourish. Our caring staff focuses on early brain development by customizing feeding and rest routines to your family’s individual needs; age-appropriate activities that encourage exploration by infants are offered daily – these experiences can then be recorded for your review and sharing later.

Toddler Program: Cultivating Curiosity and Self-Expression

Toddlers are natural explorers, and our program provides them with a safe space in which they can grow. Our staff closely tracks each child’s development by creating activities designed to encourage skill acquisition and curiosity while stimulating physical growth and supporting self-expression and physical play.

Preschool Program: Preparing for Kindergarten

Our preschool program equips children with all of the skills they’ll need for a smooth transition into kindergarten. In an environment which fosters curiosity and exploration, children develop self-regulation and routine-following skills while engaging in educational experiences focused on colours, shapes, numbers and letters.

A.C.E Daycare – A Trusted Name for All Ages

A.C.E daycare in Tottenham stands out as an invaluable choice for families in Tottenham, Ontario, thanks to our vast expertise in caring for children of all ages and providing safe environments where young minds flourish and blossom. Parents across Ontario praise us for nurturing future generations! Positive reviews from Ontario parents confirm this fact. We pride ourselves on creating secure yet loving environments where kids flourish.

Program Ages:

Are you searching for a safe and nurturing daycare near Tottenham? Look no further! A.C.E Daycare’s dedicated staff excels at smooth transitions for parents as well as children, ensuring optimal experiences – join the A.C.E Daycare family today and give your child the best start possible by calling us today at 647-302-0901.


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