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Autism spectrum disorder in children is rather common these days. Studies from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have shown that 1 in 68 eight year old children are diagnosed with this condition. However, studies have also shown as well that child care providers might be the solution in detecting autism spectrum disorder in the minority kids.

A research study was conducted in New Jersey on mostly Hispanic or black children between ages 3 to 5. This study reached out to Head Start programs and established providers in low or high income in the state. The daycare providers then had the responsibility of screening 90% of children who must have already sought parental consent.

The aim of this study was to find out whether or not the children displayed any early signs of autism spectrum disorder such as whether the child makes eye contact with people, engages in pretend play or responds to his or her name.

Noticing the signs early

Those that were called out for concern had to go through a more in-depth evaluation with parental consent. 3% of the children in this sample met the criteria for autism spectrum disorder. A small number of children who had been called out were found out not to be diagnosed with this condition. Apart from autism, an early intervention also helped to prevent a speech/language disorder in children.

However, at the same time a third of the children who were called out did not follow up. This was due to the fact the families did not respond to inquiries or their personal contact details were incorrect. Some parents also did not want their children to be officially evaluated. Thus, it seems that this was one of the other factors apart from lack of screening early which would hinder treatment.

Daycare providers play an important role

early childhood education

There is a huge emphasis on daycare providers where Dr. Jill F Harris, director of program development at Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Jersey strongly believes that daycare workers are the ones who help to play a crucial role in detecting autism in children. By doing so, they help to get early intervention services for the children.

Why it is so important is because most of the medical providers and pediatricians differ in how closely they follow screening guidelines. Therefore, the programme Head Start was exclusively created so that it will be able to suit these screenings as it has developmental checks as part of its program. There are also other daycare centers that are keen to learn more about Head Start and participate as well.

Place your child in a daycare service today

Parents who enroll their children into a daycare service found it reliable by placing their kids in a daycare where the demand for quality childcare has increased, as it has been proven by a study from OECD 2006, Nores and Barnett 2010. It has also reaped potential benefits such as linguistic skills, numeracy and peer socialisation. Here at Advanced Care & Education Daycare (ACE), it is one of the most trusted daycare centres recommended by parents. We are committed to making sure that your child will definitely have a well-rounded education provided with the right values inculcated.

ACE Daycare strictly abides to these three policies where we feel it is strongly essential in a child’s development and learning process

• Anti-Racism Policy: ACE Daycare does not condone any kind of racism whether it is racist remarks or behaviours. Our center promotes cultural awareness through a variety of programmes and activities where we would encourage families to participate in.

• Behaviour Management Policy: Our daycare also abolishes the system of corporal punishments, isolation or verbal abuse. We strongly feel that consistent and respectful discipline manners will nurture the child in a more positive manner with the right set of values.

• Parental Involvement: Parents play a vital role in our program and in their child’s development. We would always encourage them to feel free to speak to our staff and office personnel should they have any enquires. We always look forward to receiving comments, suggestions, volunteer time that parents may wish to provide. We also update our website regularly and send monthly programmes to constantly keep our parents engaged and involved with their child’s well-being.

Invest in early childhood education

A quality early childhood education for your kids will definitely be worth the investment once you have placed them in the right daycare centre. You can be well-assured your children will be placed in the right hands. It will certainly meet to your expectations of providing your child with an environment that allows them to be able to be valued as well as to hone their development and learning skills. So, why not enroll your child at a daycare service today?

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