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There will come a time in a toddler’s life when taking an afternoon nap is no longer necessary. This will then mean that you should focus on giving him activities that he can have fun with during those times. An activity to replace an afternoon nap need not be noisy though. You always have a list of choices when it comes to toddler activities during quiet time. Daycare centres have also introduced these quiet time activities for toddlers who prefer not to sleep whilst other preschoolers are taking a nap.


Puzzles can look very simple for a toddler, especially when you have already introduced it to him whilst he was still younger. As simple as the activity is, however, you can be sure there is something you can offer to preoccupy him whilst you take a nap at home. Puzzles are great options to start with at this stage simply because it helps develop fine motor skills whilst also improving visual perception and deepening his special orientation. Puzzles commonly involve picking pieces from a pile to fit the picture. Other types will include shifting pieces from one part to another.


Magnets are very fascinating to work with. Aside from the fact that they come in different shapes and sizes, they can also be used by your toddler for experimenting. Get a flat metal object, one where the magnet will surely stick on. You can also make them form words through letter and number magnets. Your toddler will never want to stop playing with magnets for sure.


Yet another pastime activity that your toddler will love to do is colouring an image on a sheet of paper. Sometimes, you can simply hand him a blank paper and several pieces of crayons and from there, he can create objects out of his imagination. It is a very independent and of course a quiet activity that will ensure nobody gets disturbed. It enhances his skills when it comes to creating works of art.


Another notable quiet time activity for toddlers is making a collage out of construction paper and glue sticks. You can cut several pieces of materials and photos from magazines if you want. If stickers are available at home then you can also let your child use that. You will surely be amused seeing the work of art that comes out from these collage materials.

Building blocks

This is one activity you may want to eliminate from your list when it comes to looking for one your toddler can do during his quiet time. This is simply because you think that building blocks are quite noisy for a supposed silent activity. Try to be more creative by cutting out shapes and blocks from ‘quieter’ blocks like sponges. Your child will surely love this as it is soft to the hands.

Music time

Quiet time can also mean listening to soft tunes over the radio or with an iPad. The list of silent music you can think of include anything from smooth jazz to soft classical music. You may also download audiobooks through your tablet, most specifically those that are kid-friendly. The good thing about this quiet time activity is you do not have to do the singing or storytelling yourself. Everything is recorded for your toddler to enjoy.

Quiet time is not always silent time but it should always be a peaceful time where toddlers can learn from different activities without disturbing others who might be sleeping. Expect that such activities are available to them if you enrol them in Thornhill daycare. This will keep you from worrying about what he can do when he has totally forgotten about taking afternoon naps.

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