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Making the transition to daycare can be quite stressful, both for your kid and for you as a parent. It is not easy to get accustomed to the idea of not seeing your kid for several hours each day while your kid will find it difficult to feel comfortable and safe without you near him. Still, if you make the right steps, your first day on daycare will be a successful one. Here are a couple of tips and tricks that you will help you in this case.

Before the first day, adjust to the new sleep routine

Experts say that it would be a good idea to adjust to the new sleep routine daycare requires. For example, you can start by waking up in the morning at the exact your kid will wake up at the daycare facility.  Do this for a few days and your kid won’t have big problems adjusting to the new sleep routine while in daycare. Similarly, make sure that your kid goes to bed at an appropriate time several days before the first day on daycare.

Make sure that you trust your daycare providers


Parents should do their homework well and find a professional daycare facility where their kid will be greatly taken care of. However, this is not sufficient. You also need to trust your daycare providers and have confidence in them. If you are anxious about the caregivers, this will eventually be picked up by your kid and he will not trust the caregivers either.

Don’t rush on the first day of daycare

Rushing is never good, especially during the first day of daycare. Make sure that you wake your kid up early in the morning, so that he has enough time to get adjusted to the big day. Also, don’t rush the kid in the car as this will make him start the day on the wrong foot and have a negative experience during his first day of daycare.

Give your kid a reminder of you

In a similar fashion, experts suggest that it would a good idea for your kid to have a special memento with him during his first day of daycare. For example, you can give him a family photo, a beloved toy or something similar. This will make his experience more pleasant and reduce the stress associated with the first day of daycare.

Don’t hesitate to call the daycare facility and find out how your kid is doing

It is normal to be nervous during the first day of daycare. However, you are not forced to live with this nervousness and stress. During the first daycare day, you can simply call the facility and ask about your kid. The caregivers will be happy to provide you with updates about your kid and as a result, your worries and anxiety will vanish.

You can offer yourself a little treat as this is a big day for you too

The first day of daycare is an important one for both the parents and the kids. Once you have dropped your kid to the daycare facility and said your goodbyes, it would be a good idea to offer yourself a little treat like a delicious breakfast or something like this. This will help you reduce the stress levels and become more confident.

When the first daycare day ends, remember the pick up your kid on time

One of the worst mistakes parents can make is to arrive late at the daycare facility to pick up their kids at the end of the first daycare day. In fact, it would be wise for you to follow the same arrival schedule and pick up your kid at the same time every day. Knowing that you will be there at a certain hour will make your kid feel confident and comfortable.

Have something prepared for the evening to make your kid feel better

After the first day at the daycare facility, experts recommend that you give your kid something to think about when you arrive with him home. Basically, a simple distraction will make the kid feel much better and more comfortable. For example, you can play several board games with your kid, read him his favorite bedtime stories or say something about having the grandfather invited for dinner.

Help your kid gain confidence in himself

During the first day in daycare, it is a good idea to validate your kid’s feelings in order to make him trust you more. For example, if he feels a little bit scared, remind him that it is normal to be so, but only the first day is the scariest. If he gets through the first day, he is going to be just fine. This small chat will improve the relationship you have with your kid and make his first daycare day a lot easier.

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