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The transition to daycare can be quite stressful for both the parent and the baby. It needs to be done in a smooth and easy manner, so that the stress and discomfort levels are minimized for everyone. If your baby needs to be taken to a daycare facility soon, here are a couple of tips and tricks that might help you make this transition smoother.

Visit the daycare facility with your kid in advance

Rehearsing can be a brilliant idea in this case. Parents should practice taking their kid to the daycare facility once in a while during a normal work day. As a result, the kid becomes accustomed with this brand new environment and it will be easier for him to adjust later on. Also, make sure that you speak with the daycare providers and ask them any questions you might have about this transition. You can also make use of toys your kid likes to distract him.

Make sure your kid gets his lovie with him at the daycare facility


A lovie is a small, soft blanket or toy small kids usually tend to sleep with or even chew on. Basically, it is that toy your kid is fixed upon and which might make him cry if you take it away from him. If your kid has a lovie, make sure that you give it to him at the daycare facility. This will remind him of you and it will keep him comfortable.

If your kid doesn’t have a lovie, you can sleep with a small blanket for a few days and then give it to him when he is in daycare. The idea is that your scent will make him feel safe and comfortable until you return to pick him up.

If your kid is older, let him know that you are taking him to a daycare facility

It is very important to be honest with your kid, especially if he is a little bit older and capable of understanding simple concepts and ideas. For example, you might want to let him know that you are going to leave him in daycare for a couple of hours and you are going to come back to pick him up later on. As a result, the whole idea of daycare doesn’t seem like some sort of trickery or sneaking and your kid will build trust and confidence in you.

If you have the possibility, send your kid to daycare for a few days first, not a whole week

If your schedule is allowing you this, you can send your kid to a daycare facility only several days a week at first, until he becomes adjusted to this new lifestyle. 5 consecutive days in daycare might be too much for some kids, so if you take it gradually, the transition will be smoother.

If your kid eats at the daycare facility, make sure he serves his favorite foods

This will make him even more comfortable during the few hours spent in daycare every day. For example, you can let the daycare providers know what your kid’s favorite vegetables and foods are and have more peace of mind when it comes to your kid’s meals.

Send one extra serving of milk, just in case

Daycare providers report that small kids tend to drink more milk while they are at the daycare facility. Therefore, parents should send one or two extra servings, just in case. It wouldn’t be a pleasant experience for a small kid in daycare to be hungry for some milk and not having it available, especially during his first weeks at the daycare facility.

Spend more time with your baby during evenings and weekends

To make up for the time you spend at work and your kid’s time spent in daycare, you might want to take advantage of the evenings and weekends and use them at maximum. Make sure that you play with your kid more during your free time and enjoy each other as this will make the transition to daycare easier and more comfortable.

Speak with your kid and make daycare look like a positive experience

Before your kid goes to the daycare facility, it would be a brilliant idea to speak with him about this and present all the aspects related to daycare in a positive manner. For example, you can say to him that he is going to have a lot of fun while in daycare, he is going to learn a lot of new interesting things and make a lot of friends. This might build up excitement in your kid and make the transition easier.

A smoother and easier transition will be possible if you also choose a professional daycare facility in Vaughan. Make sure that you contact us today if are looking for trustworthy daycare in Vaughan and we will take good care of your kid.

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