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Parents often play a huge role in shaping the academic success of their children. However, not many parents may know how to go about preparing their kids for school or simply may not realise that they have an important role to play in their child’s school career. Thus, it may be challenging for many as to how to be overcome this problem. However, it is still not too late to start now. We have compiled a few tips here for you to show you how you can take an active interest in your child’s studies as well as to offer the support they need.

Establishing a relationship with your child

It is always important to establish a good relationship with your child especially in terms of communication so that can always feel comfortable coming to you about their worries at school begin. There needs to be constant engagement where listening and talking should always be something that occurs on a daily basis. Start off by asking your child how was their day at school and ask open ended questions like, “What did you like about school today,” or “How’s your lessons going so far, are they are difficulties you are facing?” This will allow you to have an access to a better understanding as to how your child is coping in school.

Prepare a timetable and rules

Children always tend to procrastinate when it comes to homework or revision. This is because most of them do not have an organised schedule to follow. Thus, creating a timetable would be useful for them where they will be to know how to allocate their time carefully. Ground rules should be set like for example no computer games on weekdays unless homework is completed. This will help the child to set good ground habits which will follow them when they grow up.

Make sure homework gets done first

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There is a saying in Chinese called, “Today’s homework needs to be completed by today.” Make sure to always check that your child gets their homework complete and correct before allowing to them to have their free time. Praise your child when their job is finished!

Hire a tutor if they need additional help

If your child is struggling in a particular subject in school and if you feel that you are not equipped enough to help them out, hiring a tutor might be a good option. A tutor will be useful as they are equipped with the knowledge and skills in ensuring your child is on the right track in their academics.

Constant revision is key

Apart from just homework, it is also important to make sure your child does constant revision. Research done by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has proven that constant revision of homework will help to retain information better rather than cramming information at the very last minute. Discuss with your child together on which subjects should be placed more emphasis on and work on a schedule where there is a balance of revision and homework.

Motivate your kids

Most parents often forget to encourage their kids in their academics. There are many times where we often fail to hide our disappointment or anger if your child does not do well in his or her test. By doing so, this will affect the child’s self-esteem negatively and be disheartened when it comes to their studies. Sometimes, it would even lead to the lack of interest in studies from there on. Thus, if your child has done badly, try not to be too upset but instead encourage them to work even harder the next round. Provide an incentive as well so that they can be motivated to work towards that incentive.

Strike a balance between work and play

Don’t deprive your kids to only academics. Ensure that your children have a balance between work and play as well. As much as you as parents want them to excel in school, it is also necessary to remember that your children need to have fun once in a while. Encourage them to pick up outdoor activities or some enrichment classes like ballet, dancing or cooking which can also help them improve their learning in school.

Enrol your kids in daycare

Putting your kids into a daycare centre would be a good start for your kids to be disciplined if you are too preoccupied with work. Here at ACE Daycare, we strongly believe in providing your children where we provide them with an environment that will enhance their social and emotional needs. We operate a licensed daycare centre in Thornhill and Mississauga where our staff are all well trained in knowing how to deal with children in any circumstances. Our mission is to ensure that your child will be brought up in the best manner and with the right set of values. So don’t hesitate and contact us today!

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