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Rainy days are really the most challenging days for parenting. If you are not prepared, chances are you will have some very bored kids in your hands while it pours outside. Well, we have daycare centers to take these precious little ones out of your hands for a few hours, but what if you get stuck at home with them some day and it starts raining? Here are a few ideas that will keep your kids from losing their minds from boredom when stuck indoors with you on a rainy day.

Watch a movie

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This is too obvious, right? Well, kids are somehow very particular in terms of the movies that they can watch and actually enjoy. This means you’ll have to have some good children’s movies around. Also, try getting them to help with the popcorn. Most kids just love being engaged in the kitchen, and they love popcorn too.

Do some art from the recycle bin

If you do not have a recycle bin, you need to try getting one. Children like creating something from recycle items since it gets them thinking outside the box. And regardless of the end results, they always enjoy the challenge. So take out that bin and get inspired by the rain.

Face painting

Here, you don’t even have to be an artist. All you need is the paint and the brushes. You can even reverse roles and let your child paint your face. Take some photos afterwards and keep them for later. Those memories will last a lifetime.


This is probably another obvious choice here. Most kids just love puzzles, and those who don’t may even enjoy watching you solve them. Take out a giant puzzle and start working on it with your child while the rain pours. You can do this with a mug of hot chocolate to stay warm too.


Have you ever watched a child sing to their favorite jams? This is probably one of the most entertaining things you will ever see. When they know the words, they mix up the rhythm and when they know how the song goes, they will probably just fix in their own words. Karaoke is also a good way to explore your child’s free spirited side as they sing and their heart out to your encouraging claps and cheers. You can even join in the singing for some bonding session.

Throw a party

It is raining outside so you may not be able to invite a bunch of play dates. However, you can still take out your party hats and serve some cute cakes and drinks. Play some party music and generally have some fun conversations while you wait out the rain.

Dramatic play

Depending on what supplies you have in the house, you could let your child play nurse or doctor, teacher or even pilots. The idea is to inject some drama into the time you will be spending indoors. Also, you can use this time to find out what your child would like to become when they grow up.

Brainstorm on what to do once it stops raining

This should be fun too, since there is a long list of options when you can go outside. Use the chance to see how well your child can defend their choices as well.

Keeping your child well occupied can be a challenging task, especially if you have an extremely inquisitive and active child. Alternatively, you can also get some ideas from the Thornhill daycare center that you send your child to. Daycare centers always have lots of activities to keep your child occupied so borrowing some ideas won’t be such a bad idea, don’t you think so?

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