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When you have a great bond with your child’s teacher, your child will feel their most authentic and happy selves.

Building a healthy parent-teacher bond is a fantastic benefit for your child’s development. Parental involvement is essential during your child’s daycare experiences and can further develop their social and motor skills. 

When you choose our friendly daycare in Maple, you’re getting more than an experienced and friendly team – you are also getting a key partnership that is open and free to all questions and concerns. A.C.E. Hebrew daycare in Thornhill can give you the proper care for your little one while developing an important bond with you as a parent.


5 ways to establish a great parent-teacher partnership

We highly encourage parent involvement in all of our activities, and with high rates of involvement, also come strong parent-teacher bonds. How do you create a positive bond with your child’s educator? We have five great tips on how you can make it happen!

  1. Use registration time to build a foundation. First impressions are lasting impressions and a warm and gentle welcome into a friendly daycare in Maple will make all the difference. We suggest using registration times as a way to instantly create a bond and ask all the questions you may have. While we love your enthusiasm, you will appreciate our knowledge and care we have for each and every child that is enrolled in our programs.
  2. Utilize technology whenever possible. Parents and teachers alike have a busy schedule, and technology is a fantastic tool to keep in touch even if you can’t communicate in person! Here are some of the ways you can always reach us:
    1. Contacting us through our website
    2. Sending us an -email
    3. Giving us a direct call
    4. Connecting through the parent portal
  3. Establishing trust and open communication. We already have one thing in common with you: we want the best for your child. One of the greatest assets to a great parent-teacher bond is the ability to completely trust us in delivering great experiences and educational tools for your little one. When your child feels comfortable around their teacher, it will further encourage them to learn their best and immerse themselves in the full daycare experience.
  4. Developing a mutual understanding of your child’s strengths. You can provide us with your child’s full personality traits that make them unique and wonderful. We can incorporate your child’s unique personality into how they interact with others and how they observe the world around them, creating an open and fun learning environment. 
  5. Staying positive. Positive praise and uplifting comments will highly encourage your child to succeed and be social with others. A strong parent-teacher relationship is always focused on the positive aspects, whether it’s sharing the awesome art your little one made or the joy they find in singing their favourite song. Sharing positive aspects of a child’s personality will only establish a better bond between the educator and the parent.


Your child’s daycare development is rooted in a strong teacher-parent bond – we would love to meet you!

Teachers and parents can always complement each other which can lead to a strong bond. With the priority of your child’s best interest at heart, your little one will get the best support and social skills to develop their unique personalities. 

At A.C.E. Daycare, we have an open-door policy where we encourage parent involvement and participation. We would love to hear from you and continue building a partnership with caring parents such as yourself.

Reach out to our two locations in Thornhill and Mississauga and discover all the possibilities for your child’s happy future!

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