Webcam Help
Windows Users:

CLICK HERE to Download DMMultiView.

To install DMMultiView, choose Run.
After you follow the InstallShield directions, there will be a new program folder called "DMMultiView" which can be accessed by clicking on your Windows Start Button and going to All Programs.
Note: If you are installing this at work, you may need your IT department to install it for you. You may also need your IT department to open port 4550, 5550, and 80 on your firewall.

After DMMultiView is installed, complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the Start button, select All Programs, select the DMMultiView folder and click the DMMultiView icon. The Login window opens.
  2. Beside the Host field, click the Edit button.
  3. In the IP Address field, enter:
  4. Click OK.
  5. In the Login winow, enter your username and password.
    Tip: You might want to select "Save Password".
  6. Click OK. A "Connect to Server" message displays and then DMMultiView opens.
    Note: Until you connect each blue tox to a camera, each box says "No Privilege".
  7. On the right under the Host tab, click the plus (+) sign. A list of rooms and cameras opens. For example, Infant Room 1, Cam 1.
  8. To connect a camera, select a blue box on the left and then double-click on a camera from the Host list on the right. You will see a "Connect to Server" message until the feed begins to stream for your selected room. Repeat this step for all cameras that you want to view.
    Note: If you need a camera added to the Host list, contact your daycare administrator.
  9. To exit DMMultiView, click on the Stop button in the bottom-left corner and select Minimize or Close.

MAC Users:

Your daycare is not able to display on the MAC Browser Safari.
If you would like to view the cameras on a portable Apple device such as an iPod, iPad, or iPhone, you may download the App from the Apple Store for free. Click here to Download.

Please note that the Host/IP Address is the appropriate choice of Step #3 near the top of this page. Please also note that the port number should be 8866.
If HTTPS does not work, try HTTP.


  1. Issue: You cannot login because you received a "PWD Error" message
    Solution: Let your daycare location know. The administrator can resolve this error for you.