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Just about every parent goes through this at some point: the struggle of choosing a daycare. With so many potential options and locations, especially as the Thornhill area undergoes revisions and modernization efforts, you’re probably wondering where on earth to begin your search for not only an affordable childcare establishment, but also a reputable and educational one as well. A good daycare center absolutely must have a friendly atmosphere and be known for its welcoming environment.

At A.C.E. Daycare, we take great pride in meeting or exceeding all safety protocols; we regularly clean and sanitize our facility to ensure that all of our children and personnel are protected. Additionally, we are part of the expansive Ontario subsidy child care program that allows excited parents, such as yourself, to give their children a positive daycare experience which can further develop their skills as they grow older!

Daycare Helps To Encourage Prosocial Behaviors

It’s a well-established fact of child development that young children enrolled in daycare tend to have more profound academic achievements as teenagers if they received quality childcare as young children. 

Having a schedule is very beneficial for a young person, and although they might not be aware of the ticking clock while at play, children are provided with a complete roster of activities that include fun and storytelling. These scheduled activities help parents as well, who get to experience less worry that their toddler’s behavior will be unmanageable at the end of the day without an outlet to tire themselves out.  

At A.C.E. Daycare we strive to allow your child to express themselves freely. Through our range of activities, your child will be able to explore the full spectrum of their emotions in a safe and productive setting. When your child feels comfortable and accepted within their environment, they will be more inclined to find other children that are compatible with their interests. Here are just a couple of examples of some of the activities that your child will actively participate in at A.C.E. Daycare:

– Imaginative play

– Singing and dancing

– Interactive book readings about expressing their feelings

They Also Learn The Nuances Of Cooperation And Collaboration  

There’s a reason why the adage ‘sharing is caring’ has withstood the test of time – as your child begins their social journey, they must learn how to get along with other people and to play fair. Sharing personal space in a respectful manner will help your child build enduring connections with other people and will contribute to an overall positive daycare experience. Here are some of the activities that they will actively engage in that will improve your child’s sense of sharing:

– Age-appropriate building projects, such as block towers and arts and crafts

– Interactive role-playing fun stories with accessories and in fun costumes

– Working on puzzles together

– Playing duck duck goose, in which patience and taking turns are taught

They Learn Manners And Appropriate Boundaries 

In manifesting their manners, learning to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can go a long way toward helping your child gain the attention of others in a positive manner. We will continue to instill manners in your little one that he is experiencing at home while engaging them in fun and educational activities including a ‘tea party’ where they can explore their sharing manners simultaneously, and the encouragement of toy sharing between children in groups during playtime. 

Your little one is ready to make friends in a social environment, and with A.C.E. Daycare, we will help your child develop essential social skills that will be transferred into their later years. We will engage your child in engaging and creative-based content while helping them explore different educational domains such as social-emotional development, cultural awareness and creative expression.

We Include You, The Parent, In Every Step Of The Journey

Child care centers know the importance of parent participation and the strong want that families have to be aware of their child’s progress. Meeting before the child gets into the program can help to build the rapport teaching team for the child, which is important for the success of the child.

Collaboration depends on communication. In fact, it is the teacher’s responsibility to determine ways to keep family members informed about their children. Since most parents bring in and pick their child from the child-care center, parents have an opportunity to build a relationship with the child care center. If there is a good relationship, information about what is going on with the kid could be shared all the time.

Contact ACE Daycare today if you would like to enroll your child in our positive environment. 

Work with us to learn how we help your child embrace their inner child and enhance their social skills.