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September 07, 2022

The best way to connect with your child and raise their confidence is to find and embrace your own inner child. It is an inner subconscious part of you that represents the person you were before being burdened with the troubles of adulthood. Your inner child can show up anywhere from watching your favourite Disney movie or playing in the snow during winter. Reconnecting with that lost part of yourself will not only help you better understand yourself, but also foster a well-connected relationship with your child and enhance their self esteem in a classroom. 

ACE Daycare is a special daycare in Maple for toddlers that encourages healthy bonds between the child and the parent. We’re a trusted, reliable daycare in Thornhill for toddlers that want to have fun, learn in a new environment, and make new friends. Contact us today if you are interested in enrolling your child in a safe, positive space that encourages creativity, cooperation, and strong initiative. 

Connecting with your inner childhood self can help you forge a meaningful connection with your child, bridging your childhood past with the experience of your current child. Here is how you can find your inner child and use it to your advantage for your current children. 

How Can I Connect With My Toddler Through Connecting With My Inner Child?

One of the first things you can do is to feel your feelings and let them out at the right time. Cry, scream, laugh, and smile with your child when they’re feeling great emotions during the moment. Don’t tell them to hold them in because it’s okay for them to feel such strong emotions. Their emotions don’t mean anything unless we give them meaning and it’s important that you sympathize with your child if they’re feeling this way. Let them express themselves freely in order to properly connect with them in the end. 

Another thing you can do is to sit and reflect on your inner child without distraction. Take time to be present with yourself and visualize yourself as a child again. Meditate and engage in deep breathing to remind yourself of the values and passion your personality brings to your child. Be a stand out role model to them and teach them what really matters in life. This will uplift their attitude and perspective in the classroom and daycare. 

Additionally, do something that makes you happy and be joyous with your child. Share your hobby with your child or go out for a nature walk with them sometimes. Access your happiness as often as you can by drawing on your positive childhood memories and sharing them with your child. Connect with them by doing some of the things they do and tell them that you used to do them as a kid too. 

You can easily connect with your child emotionally by finding your inner child. Doing so will also raise your child’s confidence. 

How Can I Raise My Child’s Confidence?

When your child has reached a certain age, it’s very important to help them develop their own high confidence and self esteem. Every child is different and high self-esteem comes easier to some kids more than others. Even if your child has low confidence and self esteem, it can be gradually raised. 

Try helping your child to learn and do things. At any age, there’s always something for them to take in, experience, and attempt for themselves. This can be something simple such as teaching them how to hold a cup or take their first steps when they’re young babies. When they’re toddlers, you can do some potty training or tying shoelaces for the first time. Doing regular routines that we sometimes take for granted will help grow their overall self-esteem.  

When you’re teaching your child how to do things, take it step-by-step, show them the process, and assist them at first. Afterwards, let them do it themselves and encourage them as best as you can. If they fail or make mistakes, continue to praise them until they get it right. Let your child have a chance to learn, try and feel proud about themselves. Allow them to face new challenges with ease, no matter how difficult they may be. It’s also important to adopt a measured approach and avoid overpraising. Even if they’re not successful, praise their effort and don’t offer any harsh criticisms. 

How Does A Daycare Help My Child Find Their Skills?

The best place for your child to boost their confidence and refine their social skills is the daycare. Daycare offers a secure, positive environment for them to learn and interact with other kids their age. They offer your child a chance to learn about new things very often through comprehensive field trips, lessons, and presentations. The teaching staff can also provide your child with individualized attention in a small class setting, allowing them to develop and try new things on their own. 

Contact ACE Daycare today if you would like to enroll your child in our positive environment. Work with us now to learn how we help your child embrace their inner child and enhance their social skills. 

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