Circle Time At Ace Daycare Ensures Your Child’s Learning Development

February 22, 2023

At Ace Daycare, we consider it our responsibility to prioritize the well-being of young children and aim to provide high-quality services to both children and parents. Our primary focus is on creating a safe, cheerful, comfortable, and positive environment for children, where communication and fostering positive self-image are a top priority. We firmly believe that hands-on experiences and play facilitated by teachers offer the best learning opportunities for children and create the best possible toddler daycare experience for your child. We understand that children learn best through their senses and in a dynamic and educational atmosphere that adapts to their developmental needs and overall well-being.

What Is Circle Time?
Circle time is a special moment when children gather together to share ideas and develop a sense of community. It is a time when they engage in activities such as reading, singing, and learning about the calendar as well as participating in various theme-based or topic-based activities. Through Circle Time, children learn to listen to others and feel confident in speaking in front of a group. It is a valuable opportunity for social interaction among young children, promoting positive relationships through engaging and enjoyable activities. 

Our circle time activities help children transition from one part of the day to the next, while keeping them engaged and occupied. The teacher ensures that each child has the opportunity to participate and children are usually seated in a circle on chairs or on the floor. Often, an object is passed around the circle to indicate whose turn it is to speak. This part of your child’s day is designed to be light, enjoyable, and to prepare children for learning.

Why Is Circle Time Important?
The benefits of circle time include socialization, communication, and cognitive development, as well as enhancing attention span and encouraging active participation. A primary advantage of circle time is the opportunity it provides for children to socialize with others. The activities offered encourage kids to interact with both their peers and adults, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships with others. The development of social skills at an early age is crucial since it prepares children for kindergarten, elementary school, and beyond, benefiting their academic and professional performance in the long term.

This time introduces children to the concept of time through a consistent routine. As children become familiar with the structure and activities of circle time, they develop an understanding of time through routine and schedule. During circle time, children must listen carefully and pay attention to both their teacher and peers and we ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate and lead the activities. This engagement helps children to refine their listening and communication skills, enabling them to express themselves more confidently and overcome shyness. Participating in circle time activities also promotes the development of fine and gross motor skills. It helps improve coordination, rhythm, and agility, especially during activities involving dancing and other physical activities. These special lessons can increase a child’s motivation for school by making it a fun and enjoyable experience. Engaging and interactive games make children excited about going to school and they eagerly anticipate our circle time every day.

Ace Daycare Programs
Beyond our interactive circle time, our daycare offers a variety of programs designed to enrich your child’s learning. The drama centre is a space where children can use their imaginations to explore different themes such as a doctor’s office, grocery store, hair salon, or school bus. This fosters the development of creativity, language, communication, social, decision-making, and negotiation skills in children. The Block/Building Centre promotes the development of gross and fine motor skills, as well as the opportunity to experiment with space, size, and shape concepts. Children can create, design and build either independently or in a group setting. Floor toys and puzzles enhance children’s logic skills and help them achieve their goals. It is essential to rotate the toys regularly to provide a large variety and always have interesting toys that capture their attention.

Music is a special time for children to enjoy listening to different musical rhythms, dancing or moving to the sound of music. A dedicated music teacher comes in once a week to teach the children new songs and explore a variety of musical instruments. This activity promotes a child’s musical enhancement, encourages children to appreciate different types of music, and creates awareness of how music is played and created. The movement and yoga program is provided once a week to enhance children’s gross motor skills, rhythm, and imagination. Children can explore the world of creative movement through yoga, dance, and props such as ribbons and balls. Jolly-Phonics is a reading program that is introduced to the preschool and kindergarten classes each week by a specialized teacher. Depending on the child’s age, the ten-month program focuses on developing fine motor skills, letter recognition, and beginning reading readiness skills. Arts and crafts activities allow children to use a wide variety of materials to create their own art. The science and sensory area offers a hands-on experience for children to experiment with their five senses and enjoy different activities that include water, sand, and other materials that have a variety of textures, smells, and appearances. The books/library/quiet area is available to all children at all times. Children can enjoy a large variety of multicultural books and relax in a soft area surrounded by pillows and puppets while listening to quiet music. The rotation of books allows children to experience a wide variety of themes, topics, and interests

Preschool is a valuable environment for young children to prepare for their academic journey, including kindergarten and future schooling. In addition to teaching patience and an understanding of time, Ace Daycare provides children with all the necessary tools for success. We are currently accepting new enrollments at our Thornhill, Mississauga, and Woodbridge locations – call 9057649555 to learn more!


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